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Happy birthday to Zach Howard, artist of such amazing works as his current Wild Blue Yonder. Here’s a page from the coming issue 5: pencils and inks by Zach, color art by Nelson Daniel.

Wild Blue Yonder has some of my favorite art, if you haven’t read this comic you’re really missing out.


Wild Blue Yonder #4 cover by Zach Howard; colors by Nelson Daniel. One of a thousand thousand examples of the wizardry that color artists bring to comics. But then again, every day is #coloristappreciationday for me.

Incidentally, this issue is very obviously shipping late, but it’s done and off to print today, so look for it in early March. When you see what Zach and Nelson have done in this issue, you’ll see why this sort of thing takes added time.

If you’re not reading Wild Blue Yonder you need to take a minute to reassess your priorities… 

Shane’s Pull List For 10/30/13

  • PICK OF THE WEEK - Battle of the Atom #2Battle of the Atom got me back into reading X-Men books. This event has been so great I’m kind of sad it’s coming to an end. 
  • Wild Blue Yonder #3I can’t believe it took me so long to hear about this one. Post-Apocalyptia! Planes! Amazing Art! Fantastic!
  • Adventure Time 2013 Spoooktacular #1So Spoopy. 
  • Deadpool Kills Deadpool #4 - I feel like I’ve been waiting for this one forever. The conclusion of all the “Deadpool Kills” books! Hope it was worth the wait. 

Shane is the social media guy at comiXology and is dressing as a DIY Black Bolt for Halloween.

"Mad Max in the sky."

That’s right. That’s the pitch for Wild Blue Yonder from IDW. You need to be reading this book. We talked to Austin Harrison and Mike Raicht for a few minutes about putting this book together. We also gushed over Zach Howard’s amazing art.