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Mike Isenberg recommends I Luv Halloween Vol. 1

Who doesn’t love Halloween?  As a kid it meant roaming around the neighborhood with friends and family, collecting enough free candy to last you to Thanksgiving.  As an adult it means an excuse to screen classic horror movies and throw crazy costume parties. 

The kids in I Luv Halloween—a dark comedy/horror series by Benjamin Roman  and Keith Giffen —however, take their love for trick-or-treating to a particularly insane extreme.  Nothing can stand between them and their sugary haul, and woe be to anything that dares try.  Whether their obstacles take the form of bullies, undead dogs, rampaging cheerleaders, supernatural curses, or old women who—god forbid—hand out apples instead of candy, these kids overcome all challenges with a singleminded and violent determination that borders on (the wrong side of) psychotic.

Right on the front cover of volume 1 is a blurb that serves double-duty as both critical praise and as a warning: “Crass, tasteless, and brilliant.”  Be aware that these trick-or-treaters aren’t your typical fun-loving scamps, up to a bit of harmless Halloween mischief.  Egging your car or toilet-papering your lawn isn’t really their style; instead they’re more likely to disembowel you with your own dentures, bash your head in with a rock, and bury you in a shallow grave just outside of town.

I Luv Halloween is definitely full of tasteless humor.  Some of the gags will make you, well, gag.  But it does have its aspects of brilliance as well.  This is schlocky slapstick horror done right.  Roman’s art is fresh and dynamic, and the coloring for this “Ultimate Twisted Edition” really makes the viscera visceral.

Recommended for fans of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, Squee, and Lenore, as well as fans of bloody slapstick horror films like Re-Animator or Evil Dead 2, I Luv Halloween Vol. 1 releases today, with volumes 2 and 3 (featuring a zombie uprising and an alien invasion, respectively) slated for the next two weeks, leading up to Halloween.

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Mike Isenberg is an Associate Production Coordinator at comiXology, and the co-writer of First Law Of Mad Science .  He lives in Harlem with his cats, Tesla and Edison .

comiXology Unbound: #MangaMonday
Bizenghast vol. 1 by malicelegrow
Meet Dinah, a disturbed young girl who has been sent to the small town of Bizenghast to live with her aunt following the tragic death of her parents. Dinah thinks her aunt’s house is haunted, but her aunt thinks she has some sort of mental illness. Dinah sneaks out with her only friend, Vincent, and together they discover a lost graveyard where Dinah reads from a stone engraving. This act binds her to a contract requiring Dinah to release spirits stuck somewhere between life and the afterlife. So Dinah begins her quest of “cleaning” the vaults, crypts and graves of lost souls, while struggling with the haunts at home and suspicions of her growing mental illness.

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comiXology Unbound: #MangaMonday
Dark Metro vol. 1 (tokyopop)
Anna almost descends to the dark side when she follows the suicidal Rei down an escalator to hell. Seiya pulls her back, but will they make it out of Tokyo’s secret metro lines in time to escape Rei and the ghosts who inhabit the Tokyo underground?

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