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comiXology Summer Reading List Day 14: Insufferable #1

The creative team behind IRREDEEMABLE brings you a new tale of dark peril, high adventure, and a superhero family torn apart! Once, Nocturnus and Galahad were St. Barrington’s premier super-team—but after an acrimonious split, one has become an elusive spirit, the other an egotistical blowhard—and the only thing they both hate more than crime is each another! What act by which terrible villain could possibly reunite them…? Join Eisner-award winning writer Mark Waid (Daredevil, Kingdom Come) and artist Peter Krause to find out!

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comiXology Unbound's #ComicsForYourKids
Aw Yeah Comics!

Action Cat! Adventure Bug! And their adventures in the Aw Yeah Comics Universe! Who is Evil Cat? Why does he want pancakes so bad? Does he need them for his evil plans? It’s up to Action Cat and Adventure Bug to stop him! Follow these amazing super heroes created by Art Baltazar and Franco in this EPIC ALL-AGES comic extravaganza featuring contributors from across the comic industry! From the creators of Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures!

#ComicsForYourKids: Every Thursday Evening comiXology Unbound suggests a great comics to read with your kid!

Indian Comic Con 2014 Travelog: Day 2

Today’s Indian Comic Con started with a great surprise as one of the show runners took me and a couple of other exhibitors to visit India Gate and the Indian House of Parliament!

After a quick jaunt as 100% tourists we ran back to the convention center where awesome helpers Suriya & Shaltki helped me set up and prepare the huge number of attendees that would arrive that day. Today I got to talk to a number of Indian comiXology fans that were all super excited we were at the show and made sure to find us to tell us how much they loved and appreciated comiXology.

Got to see the very talented John Laymen talk about his hit series Chew and his career as a writer on Detective Comics, & more. He even elaborated on the Chew animated project now in the works!

Right afterwards I joined thrillbent's Mark Waid for a discussion on digital comics and the future of digital publishing. Which got a good amount of attention from independent Indian comics creators looking to reach global audiences (comiXology Submit anyone?). But yeah, that’s me on stage in India next to Mark, nbd.

And in the end cosplay was huge once again with such great costumes as Lady Thor & Lady Loki, an awesome Gambit comiXology fan, and even the Powerpuff Girls. Seriously some of these people couldn’t walk a foot without being bombarded with photo requests.

Tomorrow’s “Family Day” at Indian Comic Con which I’ve been told is the busiest day of their convention! Will report again tomorrow!

- Ivan Salazar, comiXologist

The hour’s late and we’re digging into our #latenightreads. Tonight we’re enjoying the heck out of thrillbent's The Eighth Seal.

What’s on your #latenightreads list?

Believe everything you’ve heard…and grab the Insufferable Omnibus while it’s on sale this weekend.

#172 | Mark Waid on Insufferable

Slim sat down LIVE via satellite with Thrillbent’s Mark Waid to talk comic shops, digital backmatter, pitching Thrillbent, current events, Indiana Jones, and what he’s reading!

Setlist goes something like this:

  • (00:35) - Comparing invoices at the old comic shop
  • (01:30) - Selling his entire print collection to start Thrillbent
  • (02:20) - Insufferable pitch for you to be reading
  • (03:15) - Bonus features, Mark’s notes as backmatter
  • (06:32) - Changing the mood of Insufferable as we go
  • (08:16) - Buying a comic shop!
  • (11:30) - Current events in DD comics
  • (14:40) - Slim pitching Mark Waid to do an Indy comic with Samnee
  • (15:56) - What is Mark reading right now?

Hosted by: @slim

Also available on iTunes.