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It was 74 years ago, on June 2nd, 1940 that The Spirit, Lady Luck and Mr. Mystic were introduced.

We just added a bunch of Will Eisner’s The Spirit to comiXology!

Matt’s Picks of the Week (7/24/13)

  • The Rocketeer & The Spirit: Pulp Friction #1: Listen to me, OK? Are you sitting down? I’m not sure if you’ve watched The Rocketeer movie was a young chap like myself, but you really should before going any further. How about The Spirit, ever heard of him? He’s an iconic Will Eisner creation that set the bar for so many great superhero comics. Not only that, but Mark Waid is writing these two characters together. Oh, and Paul Smith on pencils? Have mercy on all our souls. 
  • Captain America Vol. 7 #9: We all know I worship at the House of Remender daily. But you really should be checking out this Cap run. It’s totally different than the Brubaker run that many folks fell in love with, and that’s why I dig it. It’s different and takes Cap in a brand new place and breaks him down to his core: a guy that will always stand up for those in need. I’m tearing up just thinking about it!
  • Capote in Kansas: Boy howdy, how about that Phillp Seymour Hoffman cat in that Capote movie? Pretty good. What if we could COMBINE Hoffman as Capote with Daredevil’s Chris Samnee drawing the darn thing? My socks just got blown off. ONI Press brings along Ande Parks, whom we all know and love, for a fantastic graphic novel. 

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