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We’re celebrating spx with this incredible bundle!

82 comics by some of the best independent creators for just $10.

Featuring charlesforsman, noahvansciver, thinkillustration, sobuttons, andreatsurumi, and more!

spx may be over but we’re giving you one more day to get your hands on this bundle packed with incredible creators and cartoonists.



You guys look kind of AMAZING!

And there’s the Fantagraphics table in the lower right corner! Lookit all those books! And is that a Jacq Cohen, Gary Groth, and Drew Weing we spot?

Wish you were at SPX?

Do your best to recreate the feeling with our SPX bundle - 80+ indie comics for just $10.

& while you’re there, get anything you want from Fantagraphics for 50% off when you use the code COMIX at checkout!

ComiXology Celebrates Small Press Expo 2014 by Sponsoring the Ignatz Awards & by Offering a Special SPX Submit Bundle for Only $10


September 12th, 2014 – New York, NY – ComiXology, the revolutionary cloud-based digital comics platform, celebrates their return to the Small Press Expo (SPX) this weekend by sponsoring the prestigious Ignatz Awards and by making a special SPX-themed comiXology Submit bundle available all weekend long with over 80 books for only $10.

For this weekend only, comiXology is making available a special SPX bundle that gathers a wide range of creators, cartoonists, and small press publishers exhibiting and attending SPX 2014 who have offered their works through the comiXology Submit self-publishing program, bringing a taste of the SPX experience to fans around the globe that could not otherwise attend. You can find the special SPX Submit bundle here:

“Each year the Small Press Expo brings together top self-publishing talent from across the US and beyond. This year we get to be a part of that great yearly event in more ways than one,” said comiXology co-founder and Director of Submit & Digital Storytelling John D. Roberts. “We’re thrilled to celebrate the Small Press Expo by sharing some of its awesome creators and cartoonists with fans worldwide in this very special bundle.”

“Once again we’re excited to support the Ignatz Awards and everything they represent in showcasing excellence in independent comics and graphic novels,” said comiXology VP of Communications & Marketing Chip Mosher. “We whole-heartedly believe in the talent represented by the Ignatz Awards and want to play our part in promoting their work - which is why we started comiXology Submit and why we’re proudly sponsoring the Ignatz.”

The Small Press Expo brings together some of the best and brightest creators and cartoonists in independent comics. This year, SPX 2014 will be held at the Marriott Bethesda North Hotel, Saturday and Sunday September 13 - 14.

Started in 1997, the Ignatz Awards is the show prize of the Small Press Expo recognizing outstanding achievements in comics and cartooning. This year, the Ignatz will be held at SPX 2014 on Saturday September 13th at 9:30pm. The Ignatz Awards is open to the public.

The comiXology Submit self-publishing platform allows independent creators and cartoonists to upload their comic books and graphic novels for sale on comiXology.

Creators and cartoonists interested in submitting works can visit

Comic book and graphic novel fans interested in discovering works by independent creators and cartoonists on comiXology are invited to visit



One week from tonight! And it will be DJed by me (Tony Breed) and Shannon Stewart, right after the Ignatz ceremony.

Thank you to all the fantastic artists who contributed art for this! Some of them will be at SPX, too.

Here’s the roster of dancers, roughly left to right, with tables noted if they’ve got one:

Josh Cotter (W53-55)
Bob Glascock (K6B)
Jasmine Pinales
Jeremy Sorese (W49B)
Beck Kramer
Emily Huff (G8A)
Sfé Monster
Neil Brideau (C8)
M R Trower (N4)
Eireni Moutoussi 
Blue Delliquanti (K10)
Chas Foster
Jessi Zabarsky
R M Rhodes (I5-I6A) 
Jess Fink (L12)
Paul Cleland Smith (D5)
Sara McHenry (L13)
Molly Ostertag (B14B)
Eric Colossal (L12)
Kory Bing (K11)
Tom McHenry (L14)
Kat Verhoeven (A1B)
Clíodhna Lyons
Shannon Stewart

WOW! Looks like it’s going DOWN at SPX this year! DAAAANCE PARTYYYY!

(via spx)


ONE WEEK!!!!!!

Imma pee.



Have you done you homework?



We’ve got all sorts of new happenings at in anticipation of SPX 2014, happening September 13-14 in Bethesda, Maryland.  

(Hop the Metro from anywhere in DC - we’re at the White Flint Station)


SPX is big.  REALLY BIG.  This is the largest independent comics show in the country with nearly 700 artists spread across close to 300 tables.  We’ve got 23,000 square feet of COMICS happening under one roof!  

That’s over half an acre!

So to make the most of it, I recommend you do a little home work! Your assignment - if you choose to accept it - is to spend a few minutes formulating your plan of attack based on:


We’re so proud of our line-up of stellar guests, spanning the full breadth of independent comics and joining us from all over the world.


Over 100 new works – and counting will make their debut at SPX 2014.  This list is a great way to prioritize who you want to see at the show! But these aren’t the only books to keep your eyes peeled for, you’ll also want to take a look at…


Recognizing excellence in the comics medium, the Ignatz Award is one of the most coveted festival prizes in comics. You’ll find the nominated books here, and each nominee is highlighted on…


SPX 2014 is nearly 700 creators strong and counting, with artists represented from all over the world.  Our master exhibitor list tells you where to find them all.  

With only TWO DAYS of show and all this magic to experience, it PAYS to have a plan - so START SCHEMING.

We’ll see you in THREE WEEKS!


We’re gonna be there so hope you will be too. Lets be friends at SPX together!


Get the full skinny right here on all these talented folks!


Can we talk for a minute about this amazing slate of international talent descending upon SPX in just a few weeks?  

Because I seriously need you to know:

Simon Hanselmann

Australian cartoonist Simon Hanselmann has gained an enormous following online at with his ongoing series of comics starring stoner buddy triumverate Megg, Mogg and Owl. His comics are distinguished by their darkly funny humor, impeccable comic timing, appealing cartooning, sensitive color and unexpected pathos. He is also the author of Life Zone (Space Face Books) and his work has appeared online at and at At SPX, Hanselmann will debut Megahex, his eagerly awaited new collection from Fantagraphics.

Yvan Alagbé

Yvan Alagbé is a foundational figure in contemporary French-language comics. As an artist and publisher, his work has both exemplified and supported a more poetic strain of expression that brings comics into direct contact with the world of contemporary art. IAlagbé’s own work, rendered in beautiful ink and wash, expresses in both harsh lines and soft tones his clear-eyed, penetrating narratives of mysterious desire and explosive cultural conflict, evident in his celebrated Nègres jaunes et autres créatures imaginaires and in his most recent book, École de la misère.

Mana Neyestani

Mana Neyesteni is an Iranian cartoonist and illustrator for economic, intellectual, political, cultural, and professional magazines. He is particularly known for his work for the newspaper Zan and Persian language Radio Zamaneh. A 2006 political cartoon by Neyesteni prompted riots among the oppressed Azeri minority in Iran; the paper in which the cartoon appeared was promptly closed and Neyestani was imprisoned. Upon his temporary release three months later he left the country and currently resides in France. He is the recipient of the Cartoonists Rights Network International award for courage in editorial cartooning, 2010. His graphic novel An Iranian Metamorphosis was originally published in French, and will debut in an English-language edition from Uncivilized Books at SPX.

Aisha Franz

At this year’s SPX, German cartoonist Aisha Franz will debut the English-language of her graphic novel Earthling from Drawn and Quarterly, which has previously been published in German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Franz lives in Berlin where she is a member of the Treasure Fleet comics collective. In addition to an active illustration career she has contributed comics to Pitchfork Review, Kus!Kuti Kuti, and many more publications. Her second graphic novel, Brigitte und der Perlen-hort, has so far been published in German and French editions.

Daniel Jiminéz Quiroz

Publisher, editor, critic and event organizer Daniel Jiménez Quiroz is the editor of Revista Larva, the leading Colombian comics anthology, which publishes work by artists from throughout South America. Larva has spun off the comics publishing house Editorial Robot, which has published work by artists including Peter Kuper and Powerpaola. Quiroz also co-organizes the Entreviñetas comics festival which is now in its fifth year and has featured guests including Gabrielle Bell, Ruppert & Mulot, and Anders Nilsen. At SPX, Quiroz will exhibit as Revista Larva with work from Columbian and South American artists. Quiroz’s visit to SPX is supported by the Ministerio de Cultura of Colombia. 

Dominique Goblet

Belgian cartoonist Dominique Goblet has produced a challenging and beautiful body of work that productively troubles the distinctions between fiction and autobiography, and blurs the line between narrative comics and poetic image-making. Her works include Souvenir d’une journée parfaite (Frémok) and the autobiographical graphic novel Faire semblant c’est mentir (L’Association), about a disturbing childhood incident.At SPX she will debut the groundbreaking full-color graphic novel Plus si Entente, a book produced collaboratively with German cartoonist Kai Pfeiffer. Working internationally, the pair swapped pages and responded to ideas, images, compositions and colors proposed by the other to test the possibilities of narrative within the comics form.

I mean…  DAMN, y’all.

And these very special international guests - all appearing at SPX for the first time and many debuting new material - are just the tip of the iceberg of international talent we’re so fortunate to have joining us.  

Here’s a more complete look:

Now, while SPX may SEEM like a magical comics wonderland… 

It’s a really real place and you can go to there.  But only if you get yourself to the Washington, DC area on the weekend of September 13, 2014.  

Full event info at

Guys… SPX is seriously gonna be so rad this year! Please be sure to spread the word by joining SPX’s Thunderclap Campaign!


Paint the town with Porcellino.


Can you help us spread the word about SPX?

We surely could use your aid between now and Sept 13.

I am looking in your general direction, DC. I see you Philly.  Don’t sleep on this, Asheville or Boston or the great state of Rhode Island.

Let’s bring the comics gospel to the people.

Grab this print-friendly version of John Porcellino’s rad flyer for the 2014 show, find a copier, be fruitful and MULTIPLY!




The Small Press Expo (SPX) is 13-14 Sep at the Bethesda North Marriott & Conference Center, 5701 Marinelli Road, Bethesda, Maryland

SPX hosts an annual festival – the largest such festival in the United States – that provides a forum for artists, writers and publishers of comic art in its various forms to present their art to the public!

More info at

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Simply CANNOT wait for all the amazing people and creations we’ll see at SPX! Treat yourself and attend if you can.