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imthegdbatman asked:

I actually wouldn’t recommend Batman Eternal to someone who hasn’t been reading the Batbooks for a while…

I know. I know. I’m not just a mindless comics slinger. 

But really if you want to get back into the bat, there’s no better place to start than Scott Snyder’s current run. The first two arcs were some of the best comics to come out of the new 52, and I personally really enjoyed Zero Year which just wrapped up. 

And you just want like a random recommendation of something you may not have heard of outside of Marvel & DC? Sure. I won’t sleep until everyone is reading Letter 44 by Charles Soule, so go check that out. 

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Happy Memorial Day Everyone! 

We’re kicking off the unofficial beginning of Summer with a bang and loading you up with 20 free comics to fill up your Summer Reading List! 

Everyday for the next 20 days, we’re making a different comic available to download absolutely free! Just make sure to follow this tumblr, or check our Summer Reading List page to see what we’re giving away. 

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The first book we’re giving away is: Detective Comics #871

"The Black Mirror" part 1! Writer Scott Snyder (AMERICAN VAMPIRE) joins DETECTIVE COMICS! A series of brutal murders pushes Batman’s detective skills to the limit and forces him to confront one of Gotham City’s oldest evils. Plus, when a figure from the past returns to Gotham, Jim Gordon must face some of his darkest demons.

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A comiXologist Recommends:
Mike Isenberg recommends The Wake #8

Sean Murphy is absolutely one of my favorite working artists right now.  Ever since discovering Punk Rock Jesus a year or two ago, I’ve been completely infatuated with everything he’s drawn.  There’s something about his style that brings me back to the excitement I felt as a teenager, reading gritty science-fiction manga in the school cafeteria.  Whether he’s drawing frenetic action sequences, intimate character moments, or big spectacle set-pieces, the man can really throw ink onto a page.

His collaboration with Scott Snyder on The Wake has continued to showcase Murphy’s talents brilliantly, while telling a tense and exciting story.

There’s a fairly engrossing mystery at play in The Wake.  The first five issues (collected in The Wake: Part One) tell a modern-day deep-water monster story, in the style of The Abyss, interspersed with scenes of a flooded post-apocalyptic future, and an ancient past filled with anachronistic technology.  Starting with issue #6 the story jumps 200 years forward into that post-apocalyptic future.  Every issue that’s come out since has hinted at the connections between the stories; trying to guess how that mystery will unfold is hugely entertaining. 

The world Snyder and Murphy have created here is fascinating, filled with a diverse and memorable cast of characters, and is beautifully rendered.  If you think you’d be interested in a sci-fi/horror adventure story filled with incredible twists, brilliant action, and gorgeous artwork, you should absolutely pick up The Wake.

[Pick up The Wake #8 here!]

For fans of: female leadshorrorpost-apocalyptic, adventure

Mike Isenberg is an Associate Production Coordinator at comiXology, and the co-writer of First Law Of Mad Science. He lives in Harlem with his cats, Tesla and Edison.

comiXology Unbound's #LongReads
American Vampire vol. 6

You are cordially invited to a party—to die for! This volume of American Vampire collects eight amazing stories set in the world of American Vampire, with “lost tales,” new characters and old favorites. Don’t miss these stories brought to you by series creators Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque, as well as other awesome comics talent like Becky Cloonan (BATMAN), Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon (DAYTRIPPER), Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH), Greg Rucka (The Punisher, BATWOMAN), Gail Simone (BATGIRL) and many more! Also collected here is the stand alone tale of Fan-favorite character Travis Kidd—the vampire hunter who likes to “bite them back” in AMERICAN VAMPIRE: THE LONG ROAD TO HELL.

Read it here!

#LongReads: Every Thursday Afternoon comiXology Unbound suggests a comic to read for those who are looking for something more than 22 pages!

Now’s your chance to read up on all of the New 52 Justice League members. I actually REALLY LOVED that first arc of Aquaman and if you haven’t read the Court of Owls arc in Batman then you realllllly need to fix that asap. 

Get all of the following collections for just $5.99 each:

Justice League vol. 1: Origin
Justice League Dark vol. 1: In The Dark
Superman - Action Comics vol. 1: Superman and the Men of Steel
Batman vol. 1: Court of Owls
Wonder Woman vol. 1: Blood
The Flash vol. 1: Move Forward
Aquaman vol. 1: The Trench
Green Arrow vol. 1: The Midas Touch
Shazam! vol. 1
Geen Lantern vol. 1: Sinestro

 Which of these would you recommend?

Friends, we’d never let you down.

Especially if you were looking for something new to read. Or even if you were #newtocomics and stumbled upon this rad Tumblr page. 

A new strain of vampire has emerged—much more vicious than the traditional variety. Scott Snyder and Stephen King set fire to the horror genre with a visionary, all-original take on one of the most popular monster stories, as they trace the creatures’ bloodline through decades of American history!

American Vampire for 99c a pop go go go go go now now now.

Breaking up your week in the best way possible, #NewComicDay has arrived once again! Here’s some of the books we’re looking forward to reading most this week:

The Wake #6 - Part Two, #1! The Wake returns as our story jumps two hundred years into a flooded future where nothing is the same. If you didn’t read the first half of The Wake, you missed out on one of the most exciting and unpredictable books of 2013. Think Alien if it took place in an underwater laboratory. 
Hawkeye #15 - Hawkeye is back! Clint is back! David Aja is back! Everyone celebrate!
Nemo: Roses of Berlin - From the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, continuing in the thrilling tradition of Heart of Ice, Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill rampage through twentieth-century culture in a blazing new adventure, set in a city of totalitarian shadows and mechanical nightmares. Cultures clash and lives are lost in the explosive collision of four unforgettable women, lost in the black and bloody alleyways where thrive the Roses of Berlin. 
Rat Queens #5 - Kurtis Wiebe (kurtiswiebe) and Roc Upchurch (johnnyrocwell) have created one of the most entertaining comics out there if you’re a fan of action and adventure and dwarves and elves and mages and mischief. If you’re not into those things, I’m not even sure I want to know you anyway. 
Superman: Lois LaneThere has definitely not been enough Lois Lane in the New52, so you have no idea how stoked we are to be releasing this book!
Hacktivist #2 - With a government contract on the table in exchange for their pardons, Nate and Ed open the doors of their social networking company YourLife to the CIA to continue their operations in Tunisia. However, Ed may already be thinking a few moves ahead of them all, with bigger, more dangerous plans for sve_Urs3lf
The Walking Dead #122 - Does this book really need an introduction at this point?

Check these out and all the other new releases available today on comiXology!