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Shane’s Picks of the Week (9/11/13)

  • PICK OF THE WEEK: TEOTFW - This is one of strangest graphic novels I’ve read in a while. Simplistic yet wholly engrossing and definitely unpredictable. Also, rumor has it that TEOTFW is in the process of being turned into a web series, so that’s pretty neat!
  • East of West vol. 1: The Promise - I’ve been wanting to get into this series for so long, but I just haven’t had the time. Well that time is now! Very exciting. Hickman has been everywhere lately, eh?
  • FBP: Federal Bureau of Physics #3 - The last issue ended with quite the twist, and I’m so stoked on the concept of alternate universes, that doesn’t have to do with time travel.
  • X-Men #5 - Speaking of time travel! I’m kind of crazy about Battle of the Atom so far, and it’s probably because Jason Aaron had a large part in coming up with the event, and I sure do love anything Jason Aaron touches. Even if you’re not caught up with the whole X-Men universe, this event is a great place to jump in!

Shane is the marketing assistant  at comiXology and is attempting to grow a glorious beard just like his hero Jason Aaron. 

Shane’s Picks of the Week (7/31/13)

  • PICK OF THE WEEK: Collider #1 - You had me at “Federal Bureau of Physics.” Also the cover reminds me of Jet Set Radio, does anyone remember that game?
  • Adventure Time: 2013 Summer Special - What I wouldn’t give for a JakeTent of my very own…
  • Captain Marvel #14 - The end of The Enemy Within event. Hope yr brain is okay, Carol!
  • The Wake #3 - Two words: Aquatic Primates. Also: Undersea Monsters. Also: Scott Snyder.

Shane is the marketing assistant and is wondering if anyone can lend him their copy of Jet Set Radio.