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Jonah Chuang recommends Deadly Class #6

I’ve been really enjoying Rick Remender (rickremender) , Wesley Craig (wescraigcomics​) and Lee Loughridge’s new series, Deadly Class. It feels like a cross between X-Men, Harry Potter, the Breakfast Club, and Game of Thrones in that it’s a school for exceptional teenage misfits to learn a special set of skills, but everyone’s either brutally killing or having sex with each other.

Deadly Class takes place in 1987 at a school for assassins. The students are the children of the most over-the-top caricatures of the world’s most violent archetypes— Neo Nazis, Cartel leaders, drug dealers, gangsters of all kinds— and they takes classes like Beheading, Poison and AP Black Arts. The main character, Marcus Lopez, is a crazy wreck that you can’t help but love, despite the terrible things he sometimes does. He’s a struggling, lost kid in a hostile world who’s in love with a girl who’s way out of his league. If twenty years of reading comics and watching TV and movies has taught me anything it’s that you can’t go wrong with this formula.

“But if it’s been done before, why should you care?” That’s a good point, reader. My response would be because it hasn’t been done exactly like this before. Marcus is no Peter Parker or Aladdin, he’s a desperate homeless kid with a horrifying past who gets high and kills people. Also, when you pick up early issues of Amazing Spider-Man you never get the sense that Flash Thompson will kill Peter Parker in the course of his bullying, but you don’t get that sense of security with Deadly Class. In this closing chapter of the first story arc, students are shot, stabbed, beaten and slashed on almost every page, so the stakes are noticeably higher.

Deadly Class is one of the most exciting, gripping and dynamic stories on the shelves today. Don’t let it slip through the cracks!

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Jonah Chuang is a production coordinator assistant at comiXology. He lives in Queens with his two rescue dogs, Baby J and Li’l Sebastian.

It’s finally Friday, and that means that its time for another comiXology guide to one of our favorite comic book characters. This week, we’re dedicated to bringing you the low-down on the man they call “The Merc With a Mouth” - the one and only Deadpool!

Thanks to his tendency to refuse to remain in one universe or timeline for any meaningful length of time, Wade Wilson is definitely one of the more confusing characters in the comic landscape. But this snarky parody of the comic book world is also one of the major reasons that he has become the beloved fan-favorite that he is today. If you feel like you need some help figuring this guy out (you aren’t alone), then read on and take a crash course into degeneracy with…

A comiXology Guide to Deadpool!

You probably already know about Deadpool’s well deserved reputation as a big ol’ jerk and generally insane individual, but where did all of this madness begin? The first appearance of the character was in New Mutants #98, as a character that seemed to have a very striking similarity to a certain DC character known as Deathstroke. Co-creator Fabian Nicieza even went so far as to provide Deadpool with the name “Wade Wilson”, after Deathstroke’s secret identity “Slade Wilson”. Although he changes drastically in the years to come, New Mutants #98 set the stage for the kick-ass character that is Deadpool.

Arguably the best iteration of the modern Deadpool that we all know and love came from his involvement in Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force. Although he dons a different costume, Deapool’s antics and sardonic wit are in full force while the he and the rest of the X-Force (a group of mutants recruited to do the dirty work the X-Men wont do) team up to stop Apocalypse by any means necessary.

Fabian Nicieza returned to the character he helped create in a major way with the funny, action-packed, and totally nuts Cable & Deadpool. A series that truly lives up to Deadpool’s reputation, this is a great place to become introduced to the hilarity and insanity that we have come to expect from Wade Wilson.

When Gerry Duggan (gerryduggan) teamed up with comedian Brian Posehn to bring us Deadpool’s current series, they obliterated the notion that Deadpool couldn’t be a strong character without a team to balance him out. This run gives us a bit of a darker take on the character, but doesn’t skip out on the comedic elements that have become Wade Wilson’s trademark. If you want to get caught up with Wade Wilson’s modern life, then this is a great place to start!


Uncanny X-Force vol. 1 #9-18 covers by Esad Ribić

We’ve got the entire run of Uncanny X-Force on sale today only! If you’re a fan of Deadpool, this is arguably some of the best Deadpool comics ever written. 

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In honor of #February Femfest comiXology is bringing you a sale on some of the Leading Ladies that make Image Comics one of the best publishers in town!

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The best day of the week is back again! It’s #NewComicDay! Here’s some of the books we’re looking forward to reading most this week:

Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two #1 (of 5) - Dredd heads Californee way! As part of a judicial exchange program, Dredd is sent packing to Mega-City Two, a sprawling city covering 5,000 square miles of the Californian West Coast and centered in what was once known as Los Angeles, where he soon discovers that they do things differently there.
Batman (2011-) #27 - "Zero Year" reaches an all-important crossroads as Batman and Jim Gordon try to turn the lights back on in Gotham City. This issue leads directly into the final arc of Zero Year, which begins in our next issue!
The Walking Dead #120 - ALL OUT WAR continues!
All-New Invaders #1 - The KREE EMPIRE intends to conquer the universe using a weapon that will grant them an army of NORSE GODS.
Deadly Class #1 - Welcome to the most brutal high school on Earth, where the world’s top crime families send the next generation of assassins to be trained. Murder is an art. Killing is a craft. At King’s Dominion High School for the Deadly Arts, the dagger in your back isn’t always metaphorical, nor is your fellow classmates’ poison.
Bad Ass #1 - If Kick-Ass and Deadpool had a baby, it would be Bad Ass! The only difference being that Dead End is a villain through and through with no intentions of serving anyone. What makes Dead End so great is his self-aware humor and biting sarcasm- the mark of a true evil genius. Hard to hate and even harder to kill, Dead End is an eloquent psychopath who fights for something better than justice: himself.
All-New X-Men #22.NOW - A jumping-on point for new readers! When alien races learn that Jean Grey, host of the destructive Phoenix Force, is back on earth, they do something about it. Now it’s up to the rest of the All-New X-Men and the Guardians of the Galaxy to save Jean Grey from twisted intergalactic justice!
Hactivist - Ed Hiccox and Nate Graft are young, brilliant, and the co-founders of YourLife, a social networking company that has changed the way the world stays connected. In secret, these best friends are also “sve_Urs3lf,” the largest, white-hat hacking group on the planet, exposing information and sparking revolutions across the globe.

Check these out and all the other new releases available today on comiXology!

Face-melting science fiction epic? Yes, please.

Rick Remender of Fear Agent, Uncanny X-Force, and Captain America joins the podcast to talk about his new creator-owned project, Black Science. Oh, boy. You need to be reading this book. Rick talked about his love of pulp science fiction, months of planning, the current creator-owned landscape and possibly even mind-bending merging of comic worlds. Did we mention he wrote Fear Agent because holy geez.

This podcast episode is number 386 in a series and was hosted by @slim.

Matt’s Picks of the Week (7/24/13)

  • The Rocketeer & The Spirit: Pulp Friction #1: Listen to me, OK? Are you sitting down? I’m not sure if you’ve watched The Rocketeer movie was a young chap like myself, but you really should before going any further. How about The Spirit, ever heard of him? He’s an iconic Will Eisner creation that set the bar for so many great superhero comics. Not only that, but Mark Waid is writing these two characters together. Oh, and Paul Smith on pencils? Have mercy on all our souls. 
  • Captain America Vol. 7 #9: We all know I worship at the House of Remender daily. But you really should be checking out this Cap run. It’s totally different than the Brubaker run that many folks fell in love with, and that’s why I dig it. It’s different and takes Cap in a brand new place and breaks him down to his core: a guy that will always stand up for those in need. I’m tearing up just thinking about it!
  • Capote in Kansas: Boy howdy, how about that Phillp Seymour Hoffman cat in that Capote movie? Pretty good. What if we could COMBINE Hoffman as Capote with Daredevil’s Chris Samnee drawing the darn thing? My socks just got blown off. ONI Press brings along Ande Parks, whom we all know and love, for a fantastic graphic novel. 

Matt is the Community Support Manager and also lends his sultry voice to the official comiXology podcast. He adores Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Dogs.