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Karrie Larsson recommends Black Widow #6

nathanedmondson’s and philnoto’s Black Widow, just like the recently re-booted Elektra, makes me really excited about the future of female superheroes in Marvel comics. These are smart, psychologically interesting protagonists who do not shy away from action, but instead aggressively seek it out. What’s more is that their stories are very accessible to new readers like myself.

At the beginning of Black Widow #6, things look grim for the former KGB assassin-turned-heroine: she has been captured and is being tortured on the giant, remote ship of her old enemy Damon Dran, AKA the Indestructible Man. While she is able to quickly turn the tables on her rival, what happens while he is confined back at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters only opens up more questions.

One of my favorite aspects of this series is Black Widow’s internal dialogue, which is written so adeptly by Edmonson. In this issue, we see Natasha contemplating her own isolation, both as an extraordinary international spy and as a normal human being. A brief appearance towards the end, however, leads us to wonder whether this sense of loneliness will soon be remedied.

Noto’s gorgeous artwork is characterized by a soft, painterly quality. Action-packed panels are swift and graceful, close-ups are full of emotion and mystery. In addition, I love Noto’s refreshing representation of Black Widow: she not only has normal feminine proportions and sports practical butt-kicking apparel, but she also rocks an awesome haircut.

Overall this is a beautifully illustrated and truly entertaining end to the first-arc of Black Widow! 

[Pick up Black Widow #6 here!]

For fans of: female leads, superheroes, espionage

Karrie Larsson is a member of the International Production Team. She is a French-speaker and comic-book reader living in Brooklyn


Preview of Marvel’s Black Widow #2 - coming in January. Written by Nathan Edmondson with art by me.