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January is going out with a bang. Today’s DEAL of the DAY is the first volume of Superior Spider-Man by Dan Slott, ryanstegman, and Giuseppe Camuncoli.

$3.99 this is madness. Doc Ock is Peter Parker what on Earth get reading!!

Enter SPIDERMAN at Checkout!

Face-melting science fiction epic? Yes, please.

Rick Remender of Fear Agent, Uncanny X-Force, and Captain America joins the podcast to talk about his new creator-owned project, Black Science. Oh, boy. You need to be reading this book. Rick talked about his love of pulp science fiction, months of planning, the current creator-owned landscape and possibly even mind-bending merging of comic worlds. Did we mention he wrote Fear Agent because holy geez.

This podcast episode is number 386 in a series and was hosted by @slim.

Hot spicy picks, coming your way.

The brains behind our Tumblr page as well as the final member of the French Connection™ joined the show to give their picks of the week. We got into some Scott Snyder FourSquare action as well some things you shouldn’t be Googling anytime soon.  

This podcast episode is number 385 in a series.

Books included: The Wake 4, D4VE 1, Sex Criminals 3, Zero 3, Freaks’ Squeele, The Last Christmas, and Afterlife with Archie 2

Circa 1988 - Alan Moore’s and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke

The most celebrated Joker Story of all time (and asked for graphic novel in the history of our company) is now available on comiXology along with more collections from DC and Vertigo today. 

This is the unforgettable event that forever changed Batman’s world, adding a new element of darkness with its unflinching portrayal of The Joker’s twisted psyche. Writer Alan Moore, offers his take on the disturbing relationship between The Dark Knight and his greatest foe. The Clown Prince of Crime has never been more ruthless than in this brutal tale.