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And somehow, like magic, the best day of the week appears again… right where we expected it to be.

New Comics Day is here! Rejoice in all it’s sequential glory!


Preview: Uncanny X-Men 25
Brian Michael Bendis & Chris Bachalo.


Shane’s Picks of the Week (10/16/13)

  • PICK OF THE WEEK: Hawkeye #13 - I couldn’t wait to read this before I made my picks so I read it and it’s great and bromazing and brobrobrobrobro. So glad it’s back. <3 u fraction. 
  • Six-Gun Gorilla #5 (of 6) - I don’t know what I’m going to do when this one ends, it’s been my sleeper hit of the year. 
  • Avengers #21 - I would be entirely okay if this issue is just 22 pages of people high-fiving Thor for his awesome display of radness in Infinity #4 
  • Sheltered #4 - It’s come to my attention that no one I know is reading this title and I on the other hand am sitting over here loving it. Can one of you check it out and talk to me about how neat it is?!

Shane is the social media dude at comiXology and still can’t feel his legs since NYCC2013

Adventure Time gets a little dark, Daredevil catches a wave with the Silver Surfer and Justice League Dark goes to war! 

It’s New Comics Day…What else did you expect?

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