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Jen Keith recommends Ms. Marvel #5

Last we left Kamala was in over her head on a rescue mission that wasn’t as easy as the superheroes on the news might make it look. There’s plenty of action and questions coming our way in Ms. Marvel #5. Will Kamala save the day? Is a bathing suit really the ideal superhero costume? And just who is the Inventor?!

The thing that really makes this book for me is that Kamala is just so relatable – she’s not rich or well-trained or a natural born leader…yet. She’s learning that with great power comes great costume design difficulties, arguments with your parents, and a lot of missteps in the superhero-ing business. Just because you suddenly develop powers doesn’t mean you’ll be the cool kid at school or your parents won’t ground you. If you thought trying to figure out who you are as a non-powered teenager was hard, try doing it when you can shape shift into anybody or anything on a whim (and sometimes by accident). That’s one of the best things about Ms. Marvel: we’re seeing not only a superhero being born but a person coming into their own.

Just ask the Young Avengers – it’s not easy putting your feet into the shoes of your idols. Kamala is doing it with charm, luck, and a fair bit of help (and hindrance). Writer G. Willow Wilson (gwillow) and artist Adrian Alphona bring the diverse and entertaining cast to life to endear us to a new chapter in the Marvel universe.

You don’t have to sneak out of the house in your makeshift spandex onesie and domino mask to enjoy this series – go ahead and give Ms. Marvel a chance (she’s certainly taking plenty of her own).

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For fans of: female leads, POC leads, superheroes, action

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Runaways vol. 1 #1-6 covers by Jo Chen

Love Saga AND Ms. Marvel? Well TODAY ONLY (4/7/14) you can get the first volume of Runaways by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona for just $1.99! That’s like 33¢ a comic right there I tell you what. 


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MS. MARVEL #1 by G. Willow Wilson ( gwillow ) and Adrian Alphona is available for preorder/subscription on comiXology!

We are so freaking excited about this book! If you are too, make sure to show your support by preordering the hell out of it!

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A first look at “Ms. Marvel” by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona!

A first look at “Ms. Marvel” by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona!


The fact that Kamala will be starting out in her own title shows the significant push that Marvel is willing to put behind her: historically sidekicks and other spinoff characters start out as secondary characters in a more famous character’s book, build some name recognition, and then eventually get their own series. This is also just plain cool because female superheroes with sidekicks? They are few and far between. There’s Wonder Woman and Donna Troy, Batwoman and Flamebird (Or Bat-Girl, if you want to get old school), and you’d be hard pressed to name any more, primarily because so many female superheroes are either sidekicks, spinoff characters, or members of a team. Women who mentor or are mentored by women are thin on the ground in popular fiction, and I look forward to seeing some juicy interactions with Carol’s realization that some kid thinks she’s so cool that she’ll put her life on the line for other people.

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As card-totin’, outspoken members of the Carol Corps, the comiXology team is veryveryvery excited for this one. 

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Ugh. Captain Marvel #1 looks so good in Guided View that I wish my iPad had a mouth so I could kiss it.