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A comiXologist Recommends:
Mike Isenberg recommends Street Angel #1 by jimrugg & Brian Maruca

I was pretty excited when I saw Street Angel #1 on our release line-up for today.  I fell in love with this book when I first read it a few years ago.  Tracking down a copy lately has been difficult, though, so I was thrilled to see it being released digitally.  Hopefully it can reach a wider audience and you’ll all fall in love with it too.

Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez is an orphaned, homeless, 12-year-old skateboarding martial artist and champion of justice.  She’s Little Orphan Annie with a skateboard; The Yellow Kid with ninja moves.  Sanchez is an immediately likable character; she’s spunky, resourceful, irreverent, and independent.  Her status as a “have not” gives her a healthy distrust of the “haves,” but she’s never cynical; she doesn’t let her poverty beat her down or define who she is.

The book’s writing, by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca, is very playful.  Issue #1 features a deranged mad science plot, and in the series to come we’ll see time-traveling Spanish conquistadors, a punch-up with the devil himself, and ninjas.  So many ninjas.  Ninjas everywhere, just coming out of the woodwork.

Rugg’s art on this book is gorgeous.  Jesse’s bombastic martial artistry is depicted with the same careful brushwork as are the quieter scenes of her dumpster-diving for doughnuts with her fellow vagabonds.  That the creators really love this kung-fu skateboarding scamp comes across clearly on every page, and as a reader you can’t help but fall in love with her as well.

Issue #1 is just 99 cents from monkeybraincomics.  For that price there’s no excuse not to check this book out.  Open your heart to Street Angel.  You won’t be disappointed.

[Read Street Angel #1 Here!]

For fans of: humor, martial arts, superheroes

Mike Isenberg is an Associate Production Coordinator at comiXology, and the co-writer of FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE.  He lives in Harlem with his cats, TESLA AND EDISON

comiXolgy Unbound's Weekend #comicbinge
D4VE (d4vecomic)

The criminally-short-lived series by rferrier and Valentin Ramon has come to an end, so lets relive it’s glory with this weekends recommended #comicbinge

Mid-life. Crisis. D4VE, the defense-bot-turned-desk-slave, withers away at a soul-sucking day job, quietly dreaming of his monster-punching past. Unbeknownst to him-yet-new alien presence lands on Earth.

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#comicbinge comes to you every Friday at the end of the work day suggesting series runs you can binge on over the weekend!

A comiXologist Recommends:
Jose Sagastume recommends D4VE #5 (from monkeybraincomics)

D4VE starts off with a premise that we’re all used to. Humans built robots that eventually rose up against us and took over. However, writer Ryan Ferrier (rferrier) takes this concept and gives us a new twist on it.  The series starts off years after the robots have completely eradicated all life on Earth and the known universe. With nothing else to do they take on human characteristics. They get jobs, get married, and eventually have children.

Our main character, D4VE, was once a soldier who, in his youth, fought aliens and protected the planet. Now he finds himself stuck working a dead-end desk job with his only solace being daydreaming of his glory days. Amidst his mid-life crisis a new alien threat gives him an opportunity to relive those days.  The series explores D4VE’s mid-life crisis with the perfect mix of action and humor. Much of the series’ humor relies on using common tech language and references that aren’t easily missed. Topped off with amazing artwork by Valentin Ramon it is something that should be read by any sci-fi fan.  

If you haven’t already been reading it then today is the perfect day to catch up. Issue marks the stunning conclusion to the series so there’s no better time to pick up all 5 books!

(Ed — Also follow them out here on tumblr: d4vecomic)


For fans of: sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, humor

Jose Sagastume is a New York transplant from LA who works as a Community Support Advocate for comiXology.  

comiXology Summer Reading List Day 10: Anti-Hero #1

A big thanks to our friends at monkeybraincomics for this FREE comic!

Low-level mobster Callum Finney sees great opportunity when he discovers the secret identity of the super-hero Paragon.

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High Crimes No. 7. - Available Soon

In case you’ve never read us, our issue 1 is currently available for free

So good! So free!

So much going on today! Almost forgot to post the weekly #NewComicDay post! Here are some books you can’t miss this week!

Superior Spider-Man #31 -SERIES FINALE! The end of an era! A tale of triumph and tragedy! The GREEN GOBLIN unmasked! A hero reborn! But what does this mean for OTTO OCTAVIUS?! There’s only one man who can save us from the Goblin Nation… PETER PARKER: The one, true SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN!
Batman #30 - The beginning of the end of Zero Year!
Ms. Marvel #3 - See what we had to say about this book here!
Justice League #29 - See what we had to say about this book here!
Solar: Man of the Atom #1See what we had to say about this book here!
Bandette #7 -The Urchins are warned of a deadly threat! Monsieur is trapped in the act of a daring burglary! Absinthe is enraged by a bold theft beneath his very nose! Bandette continues to pilfer the objects held most dear to Absinthe, all the while collecting evidence to be used against his corrupt organization, FINIS! Our beloved heroine scoffs at all laws in pursuit of her quest, but there is one law even she must obey… the law of gravity!
CBLDF: Liberty Celebrate creative freedom with the industry’s top talents in LIBERTY, a collection benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! This deluxe edition collects LIBERTY ANNUAL 2008-2012, with additional material not seen anywhere else and a stunning new cover by PAUL POPE! LIBERTY includes rare work, including a THE WALKING DEAD tale by ROBERT KIRKMAN & CHARLIE ADLARD, 100 Words by NEIL GAIMAN & JIM LEE, Criminal by ED BRUBAKER & SEAN PHILLIPS, The Boys by GARTH ENNIS & DARICK ROBERTSON, plus stories from GEOFF JOHNS, MARK MILLAR, JH WILLIAMS III, TERRY MOORE, HOWARD CHAYKIN, JASON AARON, BRIAN WOOD, STUART & KATHRYN IMMONEN, MIKE ALLRED, DARWYN COOKE, PAUL POPE, and dozens more! LIBERTY also includes incredible illustrations from FRANK MILLER, JEFF SMITH, TIM SALE, JOHN ROMITA JR., MIKE MIGNOLA, and many more! All proceeds from this collection benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s work protecting the freedom to read!
GenesisA trippy journey of creation and destruction as one man finds himself with the ability to manifest anything by thinking it-only to learn that with seemingly unlimited power comes unstoppable terror.

Check these out and all the other new releases available today on comiXology!

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Two new issues, regardless of where you are and what the weather is doing.

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