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You asked for favorite Carol Danvers quotes — here’s mine, from Ms. Marvel #21 (1978) by Chris Claremont & Dave Cockrum, inked by Al Milgrom

Hell yeah, Carol. Putting Patriarch(y) in it’s place!

& great submission superdames!

Sounds good to us…

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TomorrowToday is Carolcon!

Get ready for three whole days of Carol Danvers Appreciation! We’ve got over 20 organizers makings posts for tons of categories, not to mention all the art, fic, cosplays, and other fanwork you’ll see during this celebration. We’re also streaming live events, from EMH episodes, art streams, two intro to Marvel/Carol panels, to a Q&A with Kelly Sue Deconnick herself! 

You can recognize organizers by the Carolcon badge on their icons:


This event is taking place right here on tumblr, in the #carolcon tag. You can post your own content, too- whether it’s panels or fanwork or just your favorite things about Carol! 

See you tomorrowtoday at the con- don’t forget to bring your lucky hat!

comiXology <3s Carol Danvers

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