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The legend of luther strode 1-6

comiXolgy Unbound's Weekend #comicbinge
The Strange Tale of Luther Strode & The Legend of Luther Strode

This weekend we’re binging on Justin Jordan and traddmoore's Luther Strode comics! Beautiful and gruesome and highly entertaining, what better way to spend a weekend?!

The Strange Tale of Luther Strode

Luther Strode is just your average nerd until he sends away for a bodybuilding course from an old comic book, one that works a whole lot better than he ever imagined. His newfound strength and strange talents make school a lot easier, but they’ve also caused some very, very bad people to take a very, very keen interest in him. Things will never be the same for Luther Strode…if he survives.

The Legend of Luther Strode

Luther Strode lives.

Five years after losing everything, Luther has become more than a nightmare for the evil men in his city… he has become a legend. But somebody is hunting the bogeyman, and he has dangerous allies that Luther will never expect. Luther Strode lives; but for how long?

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