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Believe everything you’ve heard…and grab the Insufferable Omnibus while it’s on sale this weekend.

#172 | Mark Waid on Insufferable

Slim sat down LIVE via satellite with Thrillbent’s Mark Waid to talk comic shops, digital backmatter, pitching Thrillbent, current events, Indiana Jones, and what he’s reading!

Setlist goes something like this:

  • (00:35) - Comparing invoices at the old comic shop
  • (01:30) - Selling his entire print collection to start Thrillbent
  • (02:20) - Insufferable pitch for you to be reading
  • (03:15) - Bonus features, Mark’s notes as backmatter
  • (06:32) - Changing the mood of Insufferable as we go
  • (08:16) - Buying a comic shop!
  • (11:30) - Current events in DD comics
  • (14:40) - Slim pitching Mark Waid to do an Indy comic with Samnee
  • (15:56) - What is Mark reading right now?

Hosted by: @slim

Also available on iTunes.