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Today sees the release of Animals Part Two : PIGS by the brilliant Claire Connelly [thinkillustration] and I.  It’s available for $2 on comixology and it’s a BIG issue.  We clock in at 37 pages.  

Some reviews have already come in:  comicbastards gave it a 5/5 and called it “an incredible comic book" and called Claire Connelly a "fierce storyteller."

Please consider supporting it.  We’re very proud of it.

Pigs is now out on ComiXology and it’s already hitting the world with reviews of 5/5! Eric Grissom is becoming the writer to watch! Don’t forget to check out Pigs and the first issue Chickens over on ComiXology!

Animals is one of the best things from comiXology submit right now. 

Part Two: Pigs is out today and if this description doesn’t intrigue you then idk what will…

When humans escape the Sunny Brookes slaughterhouse, a troubled pig finds the courage to help one stay free.

Check it out here! 
Also make sure to follow grissom & thinkillustration for all your weird anthropomorphized animal needs. 

We’re live-tweeting from Comic-Con International 2014 with tons of Con goings-on. Just follow our twitter to see our little corner of SDCC.

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A comiXologist Recommends:
Michael Crowe recommends Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman #1

In Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman #1, writer Tom Ward and artist Luke Parker (la-parker-illustration) expertly handle a fictionalized take on the historical person, Joseph Merrick. Merrick first came to prominence in the 1880s as a human curiosity known as “The Elephant Man.” From an early age Merrick exhibited growth abnormalities which became progressively worse over time. Large bony growths spread across his body enlarging and deforming his right arm, both his feet and his head. Disowned by his family and unable to find traditional ways to support himself, Merrick was forced to exhibit his afflictions to make a living.

This first issue throws us into the midst of Merrick’s life as a human oddity, exploring the kind of rejection and abuse he experienced during his short and difficult life. But beneath this rather straight retelling of history lurks a dark story of mystery and the occult. The book is drawn in a style that pays homage to Mike Mignola, writer/creator of Hellboy. Not only does this choice set the tone of the larger narrative that is yet to come, it also draws interesting parallels between Merrick and Hellboy.

Ward and Parker work seamlessly to create a book that is both gorgeous and well researched. They are able to delicately weave together fact and fiction, creating a something that is respectful of Joseph Merrick. In the story, Merrick is able to not only retain, but also affirm, his own humanity and self worth despite the cruelty often inflicted on him by society. For this reason the reader is able to see Merrick as a hero unlike so many people in his time who saw him as, at best, a freak. 

[Read Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman on comiXology]

For fans of: Biography, Supernatural

Michael Crowe works in digital assets/launch by day and writes science fiction stories/fights crime by night.