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Support This Project: EMPTY ZONE by jasonshawnalexander

A dark, seductive and ghostly cyberpunk comic created by Jason Shawn Alexander. Ongoing series launches June 2015.

Check out the Kickstarter here. 

Fans of introspective indie comics should look no further than So Buttons. Issue #7 is only 99¢!

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We’re celebrating spx with this incredible bundle!

82 comics by some of the best independent creators for just $10.

Featuring charlesforsman, noahvansciver, thinkillustration, sobuttons, andreatsurumi, and more!

spx may be over but we’re giving you one more day to get your hands on this bundle packed with incredible creators and cartoonists.



You guys look kind of AMAZING!

And there’s the Fantagraphics table in the lower right corner! Lookit all those books! And is that a Jacq Cohen, Gary Groth, and Drew Weing we spot?

Wish you were at SPX?

Do your best to recreate the feeling with our SPX bundle - 80+ indie comics for just $10.

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202 pages of indie comics examining the many facets of feminism can be yours for 50% off along with any other book from Alternative Comics when you use the code INDIE at checkout all this weekend. 

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Today sees the release of Animals Part Two : PIGS by the brilliant Claire Connelly [thinkillustration] and I.  It’s available for $2 on comixology and it’s a BIG issue.  We clock in at 37 pages.  

Some reviews have already come in:  comicbastards gave it a 5/5 and called it “an incredible comic book" and called Claire Connelly a "fierce storyteller."

Please consider supporting it.  We’re very proud of it.

Pigs is now out on ComiXology and it’s already hitting the world with reviews of 5/5! Eric Grissom is becoming the writer to watch! Don’t forget to check out Pigs and the first issue Chickens over on ComiXology!

Animals is one of the best things from comiXology submit right now. 

Part Two: Pigs is out today and if this description doesn’t intrigue you then idk what will…

When humans escape the Sunny Brookes slaughterhouse, a troubled pig finds the courage to help one stay free.

Check it out here! 
Also make sure to follow grissom & thinkillustration for all your weird anthropomorphized animal needs. 

We’re live-tweeting from Comic-Con International 2014 with tons of Con goings-on. Just follow our twitter to see our little corner of SDCC.