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comiXolgy Unbound's Weekend #comicbinge
Amazing Spider-Man #698-700

The beginning of the end! This weekend, binge one the final issues of Amazing Spider-Man in which a dying Otto Octavius makes his last stand against his arch nemesis, Spider-Man. The events in these books lead directly into the recently completed and highly acclaimed Superior Spider-Man

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ps: Amazing Spider-Man #648-700 is on sale this weekend for just 99¢ each!

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Michael Crowe recommends Amazing Spider-Man #1

In a bid to free his mind from a decaying body and cheat death, Otto Octavius (aka Doctor Octopus) successfully implanted his memories and consciousness into Peter Parker, thus becoming The Superior Spider-man. For months, we’ve watched as Otto forged a new destiny for Peter Parker and Spider-man alike. But after Peter’s triumphant return in Superior Spider-man #31, todays release of Amazing Spider-man #1 serves as a welcome back for everyone’s favorite web head/science geek.

Following months of exile, in the deepest recess of his own brain, Peter is back in control of his mind and body…but not his life. Things have changed, drastically, and in this issue we see Peter attempt to play catch up on a life he did not live. Otto did many things as both Peter and Spider-man, some good others more nefarious. Now Peter must sort through them all; correcting the mistakes and nurturing the successes, while trying to pick up the pieces of the life he once knew. But with old foes reinvigorated, former allies still suspicious, and a city who’s once again branded him a menace; it won’t be easy. But, when have things ever been easy for Peter Parker?

Be sure to pick up this historic oversized issue complete with thrilling backup stories written and illustrated by some of Marvel’s top creators. Amazing Spider-man #1 is the perfect jumping on point for new, old, and lapsed readers alike, establishing the newest status quo for one of Marvel’s most beloved heroes.

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Michael Crowe works in digital assets/launch by day and writes science fiction stories/fights crime by night.

Circa 1994: The origin of King Shark (week!)

In 1994’s Superboy #9 we learned the mysterious origins of the half-human/half-shark Nanaue, better known as King Shark, son of the King of all Sharks.

Shane's Picks of the Week (7/24/13)

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