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And for all you Hawkeye fans out there, our Young Avengers sale includes the debut of Kate Bishop!


If you’re a bit thrown off by the numbering, have no fear MattyFrac (can I call you MattyFrac??) drops some knowledge right here: 

hello mr fraction i’m a bit confused and hoped you could explain why hawkeye 15 seems to?? not exist?? the last issue was 14 and the one going to be released wednesday is 16, but 15 isn’t out? have i just missed something super big? thank you very much

image timelordanon

very simply: 16 was done and 15 isn’t yet, so rather than extend the delay, wacker thought, hey, why not ship what’s ready to go. so you get two stand-alone kate stories back to back with the fabulous annie wu, then david’s 15, “Fun and Games.” there’s still two more annie issues and a VERY SPECIAL issue drawn by our letterer extraordinaire, Chris Eliopoulos,  and way more David.

Also if you do not scream your goddamn head off after what happens on the last page of 15 i am not doing my job properly. (via mattfractionblog )

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Slim welcomes Tony Ice and special guest Jen Keith to chat about this week’s releases, and our iOS 7 update!!

Setlist goes something like this:

Hosted by: @davisallday | @slim

Shane’s Picks of the Week (10/16/13)

  • PICK OF THE WEEK: Hawkeye #13 - I couldn’t wait to read this before I made my picks so I read it and it’s great and bromazing and brobrobrobrobro. So glad it’s back. <3 u fraction. 
  • Six-Gun Gorilla #5 (of 6) - I don’t know what I’m going to do when this one ends, it’s been my sleeper hit of the year. 
  • Avengers #21 - I would be entirely okay if this issue is just 22 pages of people high-fiving Thor for his awesome display of radness in Infinity #4 
  • Sheltered #4 - It’s come to my attention that no one I know is reading this title and I on the other hand am sitting over here loving it. Can one of you check it out and talk to me about how neat it is?!

Shane is the social media dude at comiXology and still can’t feel his legs since NYCC2013


Is Clint Barton your business?…

…Is Kate Bishop your business? 

Either way, if TEAM HAWKGUY is your business, then these two brand-new Marvel designs featuring David Aja’s art from Hawkeye #11 in Matt Fraction's Mighty Fine Partners collection are going to make you happier than Lucky with a stack of pizzas! Available in both men’s and women’s sizes… get some, archers!

Fraction is donating his commission for art-directing the tees in his group to Futures Without Violence.

If you don’t know what these incredible shirts are referencing, get off Tumblr and go educate yourself right now by clicking this link and then go buy one because they go to a really great cause… then get back on Tumblr or we will miss you too much. 

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