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Your search function for the podcasts is absolutely useless. Rather than allow users to search for titles of works discussed in past podcasts, users get assaulted with a page full of irrelevant non-podcast artwork and ads, etc. The new podcast page format is not an improvement over the old.

Asked by Anonymous

Harshing our vibe right now.

When we switched over to Tumblr from Wordpress things changed quite a bit. Most notably, posts with gifs of Thor went up by like 4000%. However, posts with text don’t show in plain view on the main page. That can be tough for anons that don’t use Tumblr and its Dashboard all day when their boss isn’t looking like us. 

But, you make a good point and we’ll stew on that. Perhaps we should make some changes. We should also mention that you can still find out podcast listed old school on our host’s page, Libsyn. That’s very searchable. We’re also on SoundCloud’s page, too. (Though not as searchable.)

In short, you’re right and we’re gonna rattle some cages.

Thanks for checking out the podcast. xoxo