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Eric Rosenfield recommends MediaEntity #06

One of the great things about digital comics is that it gives access to works deserving of a larger audience, including works from outside the United States. MediaEntity is originally a French webcomic now available in both English and French on comiXology. Like Thrillbent, MediaEntity is created specifically for the digital medium and takes full advantage of the elliptical, filmic effects of comiXology’s Guided View Native format.

The story is about a man who is framed for making an outrageous stock trade that ruins the large financial conglomerate he works for to the tune of billions of dollars. On the run from the law, he seeks to unravel the mystery of who framed him, and encounters an underground world of shadow economies and people on the fringes of society, including a homeless man with a magical affinity for pigeons. In this latest installment, our hero has found himself kidnapped to a trailer park full of people who know more than they’re letting on, led by their mysterious ‘guide’ Camille. Meanwhile, a newspaper man desperate for a lead witnessed his abduction and thinks he can find out where he is. Somewhere between a taught crime-thriller and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, MediaEntity is a Guided View Native exploration of what digital comics are capable of.

[Pick up MediaEntity #06 here!]

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Eric Rosenfield is an associate product manager at comiXology and has worked there since digital comics were read on tin cans and string.

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Ugh. Captain Marvel #1 looks so good in Guided View that I wish my iPad had a mouth so I could kiss it.