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Witness the bizarre first appearance of the planet-hungry Galactus in Kirby & Lee’s Fantastic Four #48.

Seriously… how weird is that 2nd page? The mixed-media? 

Also check out Galactus’s sweet christmas themed duds, keepin cool with those short sleeves. The outfit was immediately updated by the next issue, but the short sleeves stuck around for a little while. 

If you want more of classic Galactus, plus the first appearances of Black Bolt & The Inhumans, and the first superhero wedding issue starring Reed Richards and Sue Storm, you should check out Fantastic Four Masterworks vol. 5 to get it all in one place. 

Circa 1966: Fantastic Four #48

The coming of Galactus! The first appearance of Norrin Radd! Uatu looking really buff! And Black Bolt being a total BAMF! This classic comic by the legendary team of Lee & Kirby is finally available on comiXology

(Also, can we talk about how fabulous Uatu’s shoe’s look on the cover?)


Some quick pics from preview night at comic con!