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According to Marvel’s release schedule, January 22 will have the 16th and final issue of FF hitting the spinner racks and digital download sites.  This is an absolute travesty, but rather than lament this terrible loss perhaps it’s better to instead celebrate the 16 issues that we did get from this terrific, original, ground-breaking and heart-warming title that we did get.  

I propose that January 22nd be made an (un)official day of celebration for Fraction, Allred, Quinones, Allred, and Allred’s FF.  Please feel free to blog or re-blog as many FF posts as you feel comfortable with, highlighting your favorite moments, favorite characters, favorite Moloids, favorite whatevers, your hopes the characters’ futures in new comics, or wishes for a possible relaunch…  As many and as often as you like… all with the hashtag #FForever.  

This could be a fun exorcise, a sort of thank you card to the creators involved, as well as a means of letting Marvel (and the comic industry in general) know that there is still a significant audience out there for fun, smart, all-ages books like FF.

Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone who might chose to get involved with this project.

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Nice. Mark your calendars - January 22nd, #FF Appreciation Day.  

(I’m in the tank, sure, but I have mad love for this book.)