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FF Cover Gallery (#1-16) by Mike Allred & Laura Allred

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comiXology Unbound's #LongReads
Fantastic Four By Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo: Ultimate Collection - Book One


Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo take the reins of Fantastic Four and deliver some of the most daring and humorous adventures these heroes have ever seen! Giant bugs! Living equations! Johnny Storm, CEO! Exploding unstable molecules! The secret behind the Yancy Street Gang! And witness the antics between the Thing and the Human Torch heat up like never before! Prepare to laugh and cheer at once!

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#LongReads: Every Thursday Afternoon comiXology Unbound suggests a comic to read for those who are looking for something more than 22 pages!

Hmm… well this is a tall order. You can literally just buy compendiums of comic book knowledge, but if you really want to experience EVERYTHING you better have a lot of time on your hands, and the “best place” to start is pretty subjective. 

IMHO, if you went through all the original FF by Lee & Kirby, you would be off to a good start. 

Anyone else got a good rec for mooseintheheadlights here?

Witness the bizarre first appearance of the planet-hungry Galactus in Kirby & Lee’s Fantastic Four #48.

Seriously… how weird is that 2nd page? The mixed-media? 

Also check out Galactus’s sweet christmas themed duds, keepin cool with those short sleeves. The outfit was immediately updated by the next issue, but the short sleeves stuck around for a little while. 

If you want more of classic Galactus, plus the first appearances of Black Bolt & The Inhumans, and the first superhero wedding issue starring Reed Richards and Sue Storm, you should check out Fantastic Four Masterworks vol. 5 to get it all in one place. 

Circa 1966: Fantastic Four #48

The coming of Galactus! The first appearance of Norrin Radd! Uatu looking really buff! And Black Bolt being a total BAMF! This classic comic by the legendary team of Lee & Kirby is finally available on comiXology

(Also, can we talk about how fabulous Uatu’s shoe’s look on the cover?)

Circa 1961 - The Fantastic Four Vol.1 #1

Nothing beats an original. When Stan Lee and Jack Kirby set out to chronicle the adventures of Marvel’s first family they created a cornerstone of the Marvel Universe and the blueprint for the modern day superhero team. Read their original run for half-price today!