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A comiXologist Recommends:
Jonah Chuang recommends The Twilight Zone: Lost Tale

I really enjoyed Twilight Zone: Lost Tales! The writing style is very similar to the tone of the show—especially in the narration. It’s hard not to read it in Rod Serling’s iconic voice. Each of the three tales in this issue are just as poignant as ever in their messages about morality.

The first story, “Hangnail On A Monkey’s Paw,” is a statement on the use of torture as interrogation; a controversial topic right now. The characters: Butler, former Vice President who orders the torture and stands by his decision, and Khalid, a former victim, innocent of the crimes he was tortured for. The two face off against each other in a locked room with a mystical item—the Monkey’s Paw, which grants the user three wishes but with disastrous consequences. As Khalid struggles to make Butler understand the ramifications of his actions he must also decide whether or not to use the Paw to revisit the same horrors he experiences on another.

Next: “Cold Calculation,” which is my favorite of the three. A haunting tale that makes profound statements sees a crew of exhausted astronauts fly through space in order to find a replacement for the ruined planet they left behind. On their shoulders: the fate of the human race, but when they come across a suitable candidate, the crew must make a terrible choice.

The final tale, “It’s All in How You Frame It” sees an ambitious tycoon come across a spectacular item that grants him an amazing ability, which he enjoys using to his advantage. But as is often the case with these Twilight Zone tales, he soon learns something he wishes he didn’t know.

Overall this was a very solid book. The storytelling is great and the art and tone are perfect for getting you into that eerie Halloween spirit!

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Jonah Chuang is a Production Coordinator Assistant at comiXology. He attended NY Comic Con this past weekend and learned a lot of things about the world, and himself.

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I think it’s safe to say Red Sonja is my favorite comic going right now. What a great time to live in.

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