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A comiXologist Recommends:
Jonah Chuang recommends Robin Rises: Omega #1

Robin Rises is an event that builds off of stories from the stories we loved from the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe while mixing in the most exciting elements of the New 52. The recent Batman/Superman and Batman and Robin books have been setting up the stakes for this crossover so that they seem higher than ever. There’s a reality-bending gem involved that can end the world if it falls into the wrong hands on top of the chance that Batman might be able to get his son back. However, there’s also the risk that Robin might be manipulated by his grandfather, Ra’s Al Ghul, into becoming something that would go against everything Batman stands for.

This issue is a really well executed starting point. There’s a detailed recap at the top of the story to refresh old readers’ minds and orient new readers to what’s going on. It also shows a side of Batman we’re not used to seeing. He’s angry and desperate, violently lashing out at friends.

The most exciting aspect of this story is the implications it will have on the Bat family. In the past, Robins have experienced dramatic deaths (both literal and figurative) and then enjoyed profound, long-lasting rebirths into new identities— whether it’s Dick Grayson into Nightwing (and more recently into an Agent of Spyral), Jason Todd to the Red Hood, or Steph Brown to the new Batgirl. As dear as the old guard has been to Bruce Wayne, none of them have ever been his flesh and blood so one can only imagine how Batman will be affected by all of this. Additionally, Damian is one of the most complex and tumultuous characters to date, and I can’t wait to see what kind of transformation he goes through, or who he’ll be when he comes out the other side.

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A comiXologist Recommends:
Jonah Chuang recommends Grayson #1

Dick Grayson is dead to the world but alive in our hearts and in this book. As evidenced by the title, Dick has dropped his bird-themed moniker and ventured out on his own. Following the events of Forever Evil, the former Robin/former Nightwing has had his secret identity revealed to the world and as a result, has been forced to be reborn as a secret agent for the mysterious group, Spyral.

When I first heard about this switch, I was disappointed. I thought Nightwing had the second coolest costume of the Bat-family (next to Batwoman) and Dick Grayson was one of the most interesting characters both in and out of costume. However, I’ll admit that this new direction does feel fresh, and proves that Dick’s strong enough to step out of Batman’s shadow.

Grayson is also an excellent title for this book. Sometimes I forget that Nightwing’s “powers” come from him being an amazing physical specimen. For the most part, we only ever see him doing incredible maneuvers in costume, and his acrobatic and martial arts abilities seem like a factor of his suit and gadgets, but seeing Dick channel his inner James Bond really reminds you of the human factor in Gotham’s heroes.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of this book is the supporting cast. Without ruining too much, in this first issue, we’re treated to some pretty spectacular appearances. We get to meet Spyral, one of the trippiest characters I’ve encountered in recent history, then see our hero face off against one very deadly hero from one of DC’s other titles, and finally we see the New 52 debut of a fan favorite pre-Flashpoint heroine.

Grayson #1’s not to be missed!

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For fans of: action, superheroes, espionage

Jonah Chuang is a Production Coordinator Assistant at comiXology. His favorite Mikaelson brother is Elijah.

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