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Eric Arroyo recommends Cyclops #1

Cyclops is a sentimental father-son roadtrip, where the father is a space pirate, the son is the teen leader of the X-Men, and the car is a stolen spaceship tearing through a hostile galaxy.

This first issue directly follows the events of All-New X-Men, where a time-displaced teen Scott Summers (the titular Cyclops) is dealing with two revelations: he grows up to become a jerk, and his dead dad is actually alive and a space pirate known as Corsair. And if you’re just as confused as Scott is, this issue will catch you up to speed, with clever exposition that delves into Scott’s insecurities and shows writer Greg Rucka’s (ruckawriter) command of a teenage voice.

So how do a teenage mutant superhero and a notorious space outlaw overcome their self-doubt? By getting caught up in a thrilling dogfight and hijacking a spaceship like only Errol Flynn with a spacesuit and eyebeams could!

Writer Greg Rucka (Lazarus, Batwoman: Elegy), artist russelldauterman (Supurbia), and colorist Chris Sotomayor have gone to great lengths to establish a whimsical tone and conflicted relationships at the start of this journey. The respect that Corsair commands from his crew is frequently contrasted with the fears he faces as an absentee father with a second chance. Dauterman captures Scott’s emotional clumsiness through gesture and body language just as well as he composes a cosmic pirate raid. Dauterman and Sotomayor’s environments are beautiful and desolate, effectively conveying Scott’s wonder and fears regarding his new surroundings. But the team’s greatest accomplishment is in portraying Scott and his coming-of-age dilemmas as empathetic and genuine, in spite of the world of cat-like alien stepmothers, zero-G swashbuckling, and organic spacecraft surrounding him.

The real magic at the heart of Cyclops is an outrageous sense of adventure with an honest emotional core.

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For fans of: superheroes, cosmicrad facial hair

Eric Alexander Arroyo is a Brooklyn-based cartoonist and a Digital Editor at comiXology. He’s probably drawing giant robots or listening to ABBA.