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Crossed isn’t for everyone. I get it. Let’s not go into that right now.

For the purposes of the below thoughts what matters is this: as a world, as a shared fictional universe, Crossed books have a simple and uncomplicated defining rule. To whit: “humanity’s fundamental capacity for…

See what sispurrier has to say about Crossed, and if it’s your thing, check it out here

Who needs morality, anyhow?

Si Spurrier has put his mark on the Avatar series, Crossed.  We talked to Si about his run on Badlands and why the audience is drawn to a world stripped of all morality. We also talked about Avatar’s forward thinking digital views and his excellent limited series Six Gun Gorilla. It’s Westworld meets Starship Troopers!

This podcast episode is number 384 in a series and was hosted by @slim.