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When IDW resurrected G.I. Joe for an all-new, all-out insane comic series they brought back the only enemy the Joes ever needed: Cobra Commander! Ruthless, resourceful and often downright terrifying the mantle of “Commander” has been worn by many a mysterious evildoer and this week we’re shining the spotlight on that mirror-plated helmet of evil.

Here’s your reading assignment:

  • G.I. Joe Origins #1 – 5: Originally intended to be THE Cobra Commander by fan-favorite Joe scribe Larry Hama, the character of ‘The Chimera’ was first introduced as an insane stock broker who murdered his family and gathered a militia around him. He was later dropped for the Cobra Council, and while it has not been proven, he is most likely the “Commander” seen in the first Cobra series.
  • G.I. Joe Cobra: When a Joe secret agent infiltrates Cobra to bring them down from within, a web of deceit and betrayal is woven and at it’s center stands the Commander. Here the title belongs to a wealthy and even well known businessman who chooses to remain hidden in the shadows, but when he is forced to play his hand all out war ensues for the venomous organization. Grab the first issue for FREE right now.
  • G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War: When the Cobra Council seeks to elect a new Commander, their tried and true method of Trial by Combat causes nothing but trouble for the world at large. Many assets of the organization and it’s revered head are revealed in this exciting mini-series that changed what we know about Cobra and paved the way for the current commander and his even more lethal agenda of world wide terror.

 Extra Credit

  • G.I. Joe Cobra Files: While this new series focuses on an elite Joe team dedicated to gathering data on all things Cobra, it does shed some light on the ever-evolving mythos of Cobra, and it’s on sale right now. so it’s definitely worth picking up.  

Crimes, Cruelty, and Chaos: An Introduction To Villainy
Part Two: Thanos

Thanos. The name alone strikes fear into the hearts of the entire Marvel Universe. In this introduction to The Mad Titan you will read the first ever appearance of Thanos in Jim Starlin’s Iron Man #55, and then some of his first encounters with The Avengers, Captain Marvel, and Adam Warlock all leading up to Thanos Quest. After reading these you will have a good starting idea of who Thanos really is and be ready to jump right into one of the most famous Marvel events of all time Infinity Gauntlet. See Thanos in top form; complex, driven, and unfathomably evil. 

  • Avengers vs. ThanosSee Thanos’s bid to become a god and lay siege to Earth, with only the Avengers able to stop him. Collects Iron Man (1968) #55; Captain Marvel (1968) #25-30; Marvel Feature (1971) #12; Daredevil (1964) #105-107; Captain Marvel (1968) #31-32;Avengers (1963) #125; Captain Marvel (1968) #33; Warlock (1972) #9-11, 15; Avengers Annual (1967) #7; Marvel Two -In-One Annual #2; material from Logan’s Run #6.
  • Silver Surfer: Rebirth of ThanosThe quest that led to INFINITY GAUNTLET begins here! Back from the dead, Thanos is after the power to bring the rest of the universe with him on a return trip! Can the Silver Surfer, Drax the Destroyer and others stop the cosmic iconoclast before he uses reality as a token of his affection for Death? Collects Silver Surfer #34-38 & Thanos Quest #1-2.

Thanos Art by Jon Hughes & Blake Henriksen

comiXology University is a regular post by the fine folks at comiXology Unbound where you can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about comics through thematically curated reading lists.

Crimes, Cruelty, and Chaos: An Introduction To Villainy
Part One: The Joker

The Joker: One of the most well known, reviled, beloved, and feared miscreants of all time. What better place to kick off our course on villains than with a quick rundown of a few of the most important stories featuring the Clown Prince of Crime? 

  • Batman (1940-2011) #1- The first appearance of the Joker written and drawn by the legendary Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson. The Joker was originally meant to be a one-time-use character, but was brought back later by popular demand. This is not the maniacal, theatrical Joker that exists today but grim, noir-ish, figure with a dark sense of humor. 
  • Batman (1940-2011) #251  - Creators Denny O’Neil and Neil Adams officially crowned The Joker the “Clown Prince of Crime” in his first modern day appearance right here. The perfect antithesis of The Batman – a pale yet colorful madman out to be the last one laughing as the world burns to ash around him – here we meet The Joker the world would come to know and ultimately fear for generations to come. That signature playing card still sends a shiver down the spine. 
  • Batman (2011-) #13 - 17 - The Joker’s twisted campaign of gruesome horror shook the house of Wayne to it’s very foundations in Death of the Family. A literally faceless enemy obsessed with tormenting Batman and those around him no matter the cost. Whose reign of terror was left unfinished rather than played out. As if simply waiting in the shadows to strike at the heart of gotham once more. Here fans got a Joker re-invented for the New 52. Gone is the cheap purple suit and simple sight gags. Replaced with a menacing agent of chaos out for one final face off (see what we did there?) with Batman, where the stakes have never been higher.

comiXology University is a regular post by the fine folks at comiXology Unbound where you can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about comics through thematically curated reading lists.