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A comiXologist Recommends:
Mike Isenberg recommends The Bargain Vol. 1

It’s New Year’s Eve 1955, and Jackson Connolly owes a debt that’s about to be due.  Ten years ago he made a bargain with a supernatural power; now his life and his soul will be forfeit, unless he can find a way out of the deal before the ball drops on 1956.

The Bargain, by Kara Barrett and J.C. Grande, is a supernatural noir comic that makes its way to us via Kickstarter and comiXology Submit.

Barrett and Grande successfully weave an atmospheric tale of southern horror and supernatural gloom.  In his quest for redemption, Jackson will travel from the swamplands of Louisiana to the burlesque clubs of New Orleans.  Along the way he’ll meet ghosts, witches, hell-hounds, and gods.  Jackson is determined to wheel and deal with all of them, hoping that his wits will be enough to free him of his debt, but he knows that he’s running out of time.

The ticking clock of Jackson’s soul-debt gives the book a palpable sense of doom and desperation that keeps the reader on their toes.  With the stakes so high—it’s not only his life on the line, but also an eternity of hellfire and torment—Jackson thinks he’s prepared to do anything to reach his goal.  But how far will he really go?  And even if he can break the bargain and save his soul, what will be left of it to save?

Volume 1 is a self-contained story, but it leaves room for more to follow.  The world that Barrett and Grande have created is fascinating and I hope there’s a Volume 2 in the works.  For fans of atmospheric supernatural noir stories like Hellblazer or Ten Grand, I can definitely recommend checking out The Bargain.

[Read The Bargain Vol. 1 Here!]

For fans of: action, noir, supernatural

Mike Isenberg is an Associate Production Coordinator at comiXology, and the co-writer of FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE.  He lives in Harlem with his cats, TESLA AND EDISON

A comiXologist Recommends:
Michael Crowe recommends Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman #1

In Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman #1, writer Tom Ward and artist Luke Parker (la-parker-illustration) expertly handle a fictionalized take on the historical person, Joseph Merrick. Merrick first came to prominence in the 1880s as a human curiosity known as “The Elephant Man.” From an early age Merrick exhibited growth abnormalities which became progressively worse over time. Large bony growths spread across his body enlarging and deforming his right arm, both his feet and his head. Disowned by his family and unable to find traditional ways to support himself, Merrick was forced to exhibit his afflictions to make a living.

This first issue throws us into the midst of Merrick’s life as a human oddity, exploring the kind of rejection and abuse he experienced during his short and difficult life. But beneath this rather straight retelling of history lurks a dark story of mystery and the occult. The book is drawn in a style that pays homage to Mike Mignola, writer/creator of Hellboy. Not only does this choice set the tone of the larger narrative that is yet to come, it also draws interesting parallels between Merrick and Hellboy.

Ward and Parker work seamlessly to create a book that is both gorgeous and well researched. They are able to delicately weave together fact and fiction, creating a something that is respectful of Joseph Merrick. In the story, Merrick is able to not only retain, but also affirm, his own humanity and self worth despite the cruelty often inflicted on him by society. For this reason the reader is able to see Merrick as a hero unlike so many people in his time who saw him as, at best, a freak. 

[Read Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman on comiXology]

For fans of: Biography, Supernatural

Michael Crowe works in digital assets/launch by day and writes science fiction stories/fights crime by night. 

A comiXologist Recommends:
Harris Smith recommends Buffalo Speedway #1 by supermercado

Anyone who’s ever had an underpaid food service or retail job they simultaneously hated and cared about too much will find something to relate to in Yehudi Mercado’s Buffalo Speedway, releasing this week via comiXology Submit.  From the often-contentious camaraderie between co-workers to the occasional epiphanies of, “Wait, none of this really matters,” Buffalo Speedway captures perfectly the messy, hormonal intensity of being in your early 20’s and being paid minimum wage to sell records/flip burgers/take tickets at a movie theater, or in this story’s case, deliver pizzas.

Punchy, profane and paced at super-speed, Buffalo Speedway has the fun, inventive feel of a good indie comedy (think “Dazed and Confused” crossed with a touch of “Repo Man”), with a clever visual sense and sharp dialogue.  Appropriately, the story takes place in 1994, during the heyday of American independent film (and a year when I was 17 and working three different foodservice jobs while going to high school in Washington, DC), and each issue even includes a suggested era-specific soundtrack (in the first issue, this includes Superchunk, Cypress Hill and Killing Joke).  On target in just about every way, Buffalo Speedway calls to mind such 90s classics as Peter Bagge’s Hate and Bob Fingerman’s Minimum Wage in the way it both celebrates and satirizes the disaffected excesses and absurdity of premillennial youth.

[Read Buffalo Speedway #1 Here!]

For fans of: crime, humor

Harris Smith is a Brooklyn-based comics and media professional. In addition to his role as a Senior Production Coordinator at comiXology, he edits several comics anthologies, including Jeans and Felony Comics, under the banner of Negative Pleasure Publications. He’s also the host of the weekly radio show Neagtive Pleasure on Newtown Radio.


Jason Coffee’s WarHawks

A five page preview of the KickStarter comic book I’ve been working on.

Written by Jason Coffee, Pencils & Inks by Joel Gomez, colors by Rex Lokus & Letters by Josh Reed.

To learn more and help support WarHawks:

Also come visit us the WarHawks booth at WonderCon.

#Comics #WarHawks  #KickStarter  #JoelGomez

Warhawks is the story of a heroic team of machine-enhanced soldiers who battle against their villainous cyborg counterparts, Maelstrom. As they clash, our heroes question their purpose and the morality of using lethal force to maintain the peace. 

It was written by Jason Coffee, a young sci-fi writer who died in 2008. Last year, Jason’s friends put together a successful Kickstarter to fulfill Jason’s last wish to have his comic seen by the world, and we are so proud to now be able to offer this great comic on comiXology!

[Check out Jason Coffee’s Warhawks here!]

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Tonight’s #LateNightReads is the recent release from comiXology Submit, Drag Bandits #1, the family friendly comic about cross-dressing and bondage! Drag Bandits put a new spin on the 17th century highway robber legend of “the wicked lady”. (retrofitcomics)

[Read Drag Bandits #1 on comiXology]

comiXology Unbound: #cxsubmit
Helper Bot #0.1 by Jeff Gibbons (prettyjeff)

Helper Bot is tasked with delivering a mindfile to Bostrom Technologies while avoiding the hazards of Robot City.

Anyone else out there love robots??

[Check out Helper Bot #0.1 Here]

#cxsubmit: Every Wednesday we suggest to you one of our new releases from our acclaimed self-publishing platform comiXology Submit.

Celebrate the one-year anniversary of ComiXology Submit with 100 of the top books the program has to offer all for only ten bucks! Including works from Joshua Hale Fialkov, Becky Cloonan, Shannon Wheeler, Rachel Deering, Douglas Rushkoff, Tom Scioli, Kel Macdonald, Joe Infurnari, Jake Parker and Fabian Rangel, Jr. Available until March 10th, 11pm EST.

Get all 100 comics for just $10 right here!

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Browsing the books that came out this week and looking for something new? What’s this business about #creatorownedday? How about some comiXology Submit books? 

Folks making their own comics and putting them out there. Least you could do is take a peek. That gifset can wait.

How about Deadhorse, World War Mob, or even Misunderstanding Comics? Explore. Love. Live. 


Look at this thing James drew to celebrate our @Comixology debut! #cxsubmit

Check Marie and Jeanne out on Comixology!