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Tonight’s #LateNightReads is the epic collaboration between comic superstar greg-pak and beloved geek icon Jonathan Coulton. Check out the first issue of Code Monkey Save World - the hilarious mini series based on JoCo’s cult-classic song.

A put-upon coding monkey teams up with a seething, lovelorn super-villain to fight robots, office worker zombies, and maybe even each other as they struggle to impress the amazing women for whom they fruitlessly long. 

[Get Code Monkey Save World #1 at ComiXology]


Let it snow! New comics have nothing to do with the weather!

Two new issues, regardless of where you are and what the weather is doing.

Yay science!

Backflips and confetti!



Two of my favorite panels from “Code Monkey Save World” #1, on sale TODAY at Comixology!

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