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Now’s your chance to read up on all of the New 52 Justice League members. I actually REALLY LOVED that first arc of Aquaman and if you haven’t read the Court of Owls arc in Batman then you realllllly need to fix that asap. 

Get all of the following collections for just $5.99 each:

Justice League vol. 1: Origin
Justice League Dark vol. 1: In The Dark
Superman - Action Comics vol. 1: Superman and the Men of Steel
Batman vol. 1: Court of Owls
Wonder Woman vol. 1: Blood
The Flash vol. 1: Move Forward
Aquaman vol. 1: The Trench
Green Arrow vol. 1: The Midas Touch
Shazam! vol. 1
Geen Lantern vol. 1: Sinestro

 Which of these would you recommend?