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Circa 1966: Fantastic Four #48

The coming of Galactus! The first appearance of Norrin Radd! Uatu looking really buff! And Black Bolt being a total BAMF! This classic comic by the legendary team of Lee & Kirby is finally available on comiXology

(Also, can we talk about how fabulous Uatu’s shoe’s look on the cover?)

Circa 1983 - Thor #337

When Nick Fury asks Thor’s aid in investigating an alien ship heading for Earth. Thor arrives and triggers the awakening of an alien protector, Beta Ray Bill. But when Bill bests Thor and takes up his hammer, he is summoned to Asgard by Odin!

When Walt Simonson first put pen to paper on this issue. He introduced the Marvel Universe to one of it’s most bizarrely endearing characters. Today his classic run is on sale, meaning you no longer have an excuse not to read it.

Circa 1988 - Alan Moore’s and Brian Bolland’s The Killing Joke

The most celebrated Joker Story of all time (and asked for graphic novel in the history of our company) is now available on comiXology along with more collections from DC and Vertigo today. 

This is the unforgettable event that forever changed Batman’s world, adding a new element of darkness with its unflinching portrayal of The Joker’s twisted psyche. Writer Alan Moore, offers his take on the disturbing relationship between The Dark Knight and his greatest foe. The Clown Prince of Crime has never been more ruthless than in this brutal tale.

Circa 1966 - Recently unearthed letter written by Denny O’Neil to a young Marvel comics fan. 

Circa 1941 - Sensation Comics #1

With so much talk about Wonder Woman these days, we figured it might be time to throw this gem in the spotlight. For the record, we’d love to see Diana of Themyscira mix it up on the big screen. Check out her classic origin story for FREE today.

Circa 1985 - Balder The Brave

Legendary Thor writer Walt Simonson delivers the goods in this long-time fan favorite mini-series (which happens to be on sale along with more great Thor comics today) about Thor’s buddy Balder. Long out of print, this story of high fantasy and thrilling adventure is an instant classic and should not be missed.  

Circa 1951 - The First Appearance of S.H.I.E.L.D

It all starts here! Get in on the espionage action with this collection of modern classics! Thrill to the formative appearances of Agent Phil Coulson and Nick Fury Jr., and learn how Fury followed in his famous father’s footsteps! See S.H.I.E.L.D. recruit the Avengers’ Hawkeye and Black Widow. Collected for the very first time, these ‘Strange Tales’ are simply a must for any fan of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 


Circa 1989: Classic X-Men #33

In the power of Proteus, The Uncanny X-Men are forced to take on each other. Can they turn the tide and stop the reality-warping Proteus? Find out in this long-time fan favorite issue out today on comiXology.