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The Carol Corps at Dragon*Con

Creator of the Week: kellysue & the Carol Corps!

To kick off our comiXology Creator of the Week kellysue party, we’re giving you Captain Marvel (2014-) #1 for 50% off when you head over to this page and use the code DANVERS

The latest run on the character that helped put KSD on the map see’s Captain Marvel leave the planet that she has always protected to take her services as an Avenger to distant reaches of the universe. 

Avengers: The Enemy Within, written by kellysue, and starring the one and only Carol Danvers is now on-sale digitally!

This book collects Avengers: The Enemy Within 1, Captain Marvel 13-14, Avengers Assemble 16-17, in which Captain Marvel comes to grips with limitations she is definitely not used to dealing with.

Also collected is Captain Marvel #17, the incredible finale issue in which Carol saves the day once again, and you get your first real glimpse of Kamala Khan, the girl who would become the new Ms. Marvel!

[Join Captain Marvel in Avengers: The Enemy Within on comiXology]

Marvel Monday is Kelly Sue DeConnick day today on comiXology!

(Oh yeah, Bendis is in there too!)

Get all these for just 99¢ each, today only! (2/3/14)

Captain Marvel (2012) #1-14,
Avengers: Enemy Within #1, 
Avengers Assemble #1-17



Captain Marvel #17 previews.
may contain spoilers.

Publisher: Marvel Comics.
Release Date: Wed, November 6th, 2013

• THE special oversized issue to end all oversized issues!
• In the aftermath of Enemy Within, Carol Danvers must rebuild her memories through the eyes of her biggest fan.
• Find out why this is such a fan-beloved series!

The Carol Corps issue is up on Comixology, y’all. 

As always, I recommend you get your comics from fabulous local comic shop, because I think that’s the most fun way to experience our community.  If that’s not your bag, though, or you don’t have a great shop near you or you just prefer an online community, don’t let me tell you what to do.  

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The fact that Kamala will be starting out in her own title shows the significant push that Marvel is willing to put behind her: historically sidekicks and other spinoff characters start out as secondary characters in a more famous character’s book, build some name recognition, and then eventually get their own series. This is also just plain cool because female superheroes with sidekicks? They are few and far between. There’s Wonder Woman and Donna Troy, Batwoman and Flamebird (Or Bat-Girl, if you want to get old school), and you’d be hard pressed to name any more, primarily because so many female superheroes are either sidekicks, spinoff characters, or members of a team. Women who mentor or are mentored by women are thin on the ground in popular fiction, and I look forward to seeing some juicy interactions with Carol’s realization that some kid thinks she’s so cool that she’ll put her life on the line for other people.

(via Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan | The Mary Sue)

As card-totin’, outspoken members of the Carol Corps, the comiXology team is veryveryvery excited for this one. 

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