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You need picks? We got picks.

We invited Taylor the Sales Wizard™ onto the podcast to help us talk about our Picks of the Week. Guy even used to host this podcast way back when. In the olden days. We also talked character deaths in the most non-spoilery fashion possible. #nonpoilery

This podcast episode is number 387 in a series.

Books included: Black Science 1Letter 44 2, Maria MSAGA 16Rat Queens 3Five Ghosts 7Infinity 6Uncanny Avengers 14Double Barrel 12, and Hawkeye 14

Face-melting science fiction epic? Yes, please.

Rick Remender of Fear Agent, Uncanny X-Force, and Captain America joins the podcast to talk about his new creator-owned project, Black Science. Oh, boy. You need to be reading this book. Rick talked about his love of pulp science fiction, months of planning, the current creator-owned landscape and possibly even mind-bending merging of comic worlds. Did we mention he wrote Fear Agent because holy geez.

This podcast episode is number 386 in a series and was hosted by @slim.