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THE FREE COMICS DON’T STOP! Next up for the Great Geek Stage Giveaway is Batman ‘66 #1!

Put on your go-go boots and get ready to “Batusi” back to the Swingin’ ’60s, as DC Comics reimagines the classic Batman TV series in comics form for the first time. This week: Batman and Robin try to solve “The Riddler’s Ruse.”

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Kevin’s Picks of The Week (10/09/2013)

  • Archer and Armstrong #14: Things are getting down right intense, for the guys as Valiant gears up to finish 2013 with some of their best books yet. Jump on board here, and get ready, the road ahead looks wild!
  • Batman ‘66 #15: Colleen Coover drawing Retro Style Barbara Gordon Batgirl. What more needs to be said?
  • Coffin Hill #1: This book is straight up spooky, like classic Sandman spooky, and it is just so great to see such a fresh creative team deliver on a book everyone had high hopes for. 

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