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Tonight’s #LateNightReads is aleskot's Change - and its on sale for just $2.99, tonight (3/14) only! Grab it by 11:59pm EST to take advantage of a great deal on this apocalyptic epic!

Dear Los Angeles: meet apocalypse. You have one day left. Unless, of course, someone decides to save you. Possible saviors include: a foul-mouthed struggling screenwriter who moonlights as a car thief, an obscenely wealthy rapper, a dying cosmonaut on his way back to Earth and one very deranged little boy. Good luck.

[Check out Change Vol. 1 here]

Breaking up your week in the best way possible, #NewComicDay has arrived once again! Here’s some of the books we’re looking forward to reading most this week:

Zero Vol. 1: An Emergencyaleskot has created one of the most interesting new comics out. Kot explains that “every issue is simultaneously a self-contained story and a part of the big overarching narrative.” Issues #2 & #3 were some of the most jawdropping comics I read all year. Volume 1 collects issues 1-5, do yourself a favor and pick it up.
Daredevil #36The Astounding Final Issue! Where does Daredevil go from here? It’s the end of an era you don’t want to miss.
Red Sonja #7Part 1 of a new story arc from rockstar writer gailsimone! Fresh from her ordeals in the Queen of the Plague epic, Sonja is charged with the task of playing bodyguard to Hyborea’s greatest chef, even though seemingly everyone wants him dead! Join us for this unique issue of recipes, culinary technique, and decapitation! This edition features exclusive behind the scenes content only available on comiXology!
Loki: Ragnarok & Roll #1 (of 4)What happens when Odin banishes Loki to Earth? He finds a world of outcasts that appreciate his style! While his kin sharpen their weapons, he picks up an electric guitar. For those who want their Norse Gods a little more Metal. 
Undertow #1 Atlantis is the world superpower, and Redum Anshargal is its worst enemy. If you want to break free of the system, he can offer you a place at his side, exploring the wild surface world in his watertight city barge The Deliverer. He and his hostage-protege Ukinnu Alal hunt the Amphibian, a legend that could be the key to an air-breathing life on land. But as they become the hunted, can Anshargal’s team survive long enough to turn the tables on the godlike beast they set out for?
Justice League #28 - A FOREVER EVIL tie-in! With the Justice League gone, new heroes continue to rise up throughout the DC Universe. The Crime Syndicate tried to kill him, but now Cyborg is back to settle the score-and with him are the Metal Men.

Check these out and all the other new releases available today on comiXology!


Early version of the cover for ZERO #8. Drawn by Jorge Coelho, designed by Tom Muller

Anyone else kind of obsessed with Zero?


Zero #004 comes out Wednesday 12/18/2013. Drawn by Morgan Jeske.

Have you been reading Zero?? It’s become one of the most interesting titles this year. Each issue is almost like a stand alone book, but all of them have an overarching storyline. This scene from #2 effectively turned me into a puddle of mush. 

Don’t even get me started on #3.

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