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comiXology Summer Reading List Day 11: Letter 44 #1

Letter 44 by Charles Soule and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque is one of my favorite books of the past year. Big thanks to onipress for making this FREE for the day!

There’s something up there. As newly elected President Stephen Blades reads the letter left for him in the Oval Office by his predecessor, he learns this stunning secret: seven years earlier, NASA discovered an alien construction project in the asteroid belt. A crew of heroic astronauts was sent to investigate, and they’re nearing the conclusion of their epic journey. Don’t miss the first chapter in this thrilling tale of real-world space travel, intrigue, and secret histories!

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Here’s a sneak peak at Charles Soule’s new title from Oni Press, Letter 44. It’s all everyone in the office has been talking about since Wednesday. And it’s only 99¢ awwwwww yeaaaaaaaa!