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Indian Comic Con 2014 Travelog: Day 3

Today was the final day of the 4th Annual Indian Comic Con and it was packed! But before that our awesome show runner friend Sharuun took some of us to see the Qutb Minar the amazingly tall cultural landmark of Delhi (I was assured by Sharuun that the photo of me with the Qutb Minar is the tourist thing to do).

Now to the show. Those Bleeding Cool pics of the show floor were not kidding (imagine SDCC crowds in a space 1/5 the size). The floor was packed with tons of kids, teens and adults excited to walk the halls and experience the whole con. 

There was a great retrospective with V for Vendetta's David Lloyd in which he talked about his creative process and the happy coincidences in creating the character of V (Cool Fact: V's smile happened because Lloyd couldn't remember how a Guy Fox mask looked exactly).

Finally got to check out a very popular exhibit at India Comic Con. This was the Charles M. Shulz Museum area -  bringing a little bit of the fan-favorite Santa Rosa museum to India and spotlighting the great history of Snoopy & Shulz. 

Chew's John Laymen had a massive line of people asking for his autograph, not always on books or comics he's done. Just autographs on sheets (and sometimes scraps) of paper, but he was happy to oblige.

The last day also brought some of the most impressive cosplay of the con with lots of people showing their skills and showcasing costumes like Judge Dredd, Two Face, Jasmine from Aladdin and even some Doctor Who!

In the end India Comic Con was a great experience. I was lucky enough to have two great booth helpers Suriya & Shaltki (Suriya even ended up getting food poisoning and still insisted on helping at the booth). It was also great to see so many comics, movies, TV fans of all-ages just be excited to attend a show with like-minded people and share in the collective comic con 
experience. It felt just like shows that I’ve been to in the US and seeing that same level of excitement in India is a wonderful thing.

- Ivan Salazar, comiXologist