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Bee & Puppycat, Lumberjanes, Shutter, Captain Marvel, Batgirl, FBP, and much much more…

This week is going to be really great, y’all.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: The Weekly Release List for the week of May 26th is here! Looks like you’ve got a great couple days ahead of you! What comics are you most looking forward to?

Click here to see what’s coming out this week!

Gather round children and I will give you a glimpse into the future! Here are the comics coming out this week on comiXology!

Click here to see what the future holds!

Lots of old Captain America and Iron Man, the first part of Zero Year collected, The Walking Dead, and much more on the Weekly Releases List this week! What comics are you looking forward to?

See whats in store this week right here!