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Kevin’s Picks of The Week (10/01/2013)

  • Pick of The Week: The Witching Hour: An Anthology of supernatural shorts by some of today’s top creators? Sign me up!
  • The Reason for Dragons #1: This coming of age tale is nothing short of a hidden-gem of a comic. All I can say is read it yourself and get ready for an adventure you will absolutely lose yourself in…in a good way.
  • Shadowman #11: Not only is this a super fun Halloween tale, it’s a perfect jumping on point for new readers. If you’ve been wanting to check out the world of Shadowman, don’t miss this issue.
  • Fantomex MAX #1: No holds-barred, sexy good times, and questionable French accents? I’m there, and after reading this debut issue you will be to, I mean what’s not to love about Fantomex?

#163 | Summer of Valiant Podcast

Slim and Tony Ice sat down LIVE in-studio with Valiant’s CEO Dinesh Shamdasani and Executive Editor Warren Simons to talk message boards, buying the company, small footprints, community, and what they’re reading!

Setlist goes something like this:

  • (00:55) - Dinesh lurking on message boards
  • (01:50) - Buying Valiant assets while still in school
  • (02:55) - Buy Valiant; then what?
  • (05:20) - Starting with a small line, X-O Manowar
  • (08:30) - Community in waiting
  • (09:25) - UNITYYY 
  • (13:30) - Breaking point on how many books?
  • (17:40) - Deep Valiant bench, Bloodshot
  • (18:20) - What are they reading right now?

Hosted by: @davisallday | slim

Also available on iTunes.