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Kevin’s Picks of The Week (10/09/2013)

  • Archer and Armstrong #14: Things are getting down right intense, for the guys as Valiant gears up to finish 2013 with some of their best books yet. Jump on board here, and get ready, the road ahead looks wild!
  • Batman ‘66 #15: Colleen Coover drawing Retro Style Barbara Gordon Batgirl. What more needs to be said?
  • Coffin Hill #1: This book is straight up spooky, like classic Sandman spooky, and it is just so great to see such a fresh creative team deliver on a book everyone had high hopes for. 

Kevin tweets, tumbles, and gives the occasional thumbs up across comiXology’s social media platforms. He is currently getting ready for NYCC, see you there!


John Lewis’ on ‘March’

“This graphic novel will make it very plain and real simple, with illustrations of how we came to understand the philosophy and the discipline of nonviolence,” Lewis explained. “It is a way of saying to young people, to children, ‘You too can be part of a movement. You can be part of a new civil rights movement to help free those that have been left out and left behind.’”


Come meet Congressman John Lewis, a true American Hero this Saturday at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda Maryland!

March is an amazing graphic novel. Be sure to say hi to Congressman Lewis for us at SPX this weekend.

Diana Thung has been nominated for a Promising New Talent Award at this year’s Ignatz. Check out her Top Shelf Comics work including two FREE 10 page previews of August Moon and Splendor In the Snow on comiXology as we continue the countdown to SPX.

#156 | “Writing in Italian”

Slim welcomes Tony Ice and our Chipotle Ambassador Andrew to chat about this week’s releases and talk about your Historical Tweets!!

Setlist goes something like this:

Hosted by: @davisallday | @slim | @adcustom

Comic Con is only two days away! Whether you’re flying, driving, or walking to San Diego, you’re going to need comics to keep you busy, which is why we’ve partnered up with Top Shelf for a MASSIVE sale.

With Eisner-winners like League of Extraordinary Gentleman to this year’s newest Eisner-nominee WIZZYWIG, your Comic-Con reading list just got a little longer.