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Circa 1973 - Defenders Vol.1 #8

Defenders!…eerrr…Defend!? In this classic issue on sale today, The Defenders manage to contact the imprisoned Black Knight, who is trapped in another dimension. Loki then deceives the team into collecting the pieces of the Evil Eye! Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema deliver the goods in a story as influential today as it was when it was first released.



Remember when Sandman was pitched as a horror book set in the DCU? (I’m not sure who drew this ad—Mike Dringenberg, maybe?)

Yup, that’s Mike. Either he penciled and inked it, or he completely reworked something Sam Kieth had roughed out.

Circa 1966 - The Amazing Spider-Man #33

You’ve seen the gif now read the comic. In this now famous Spidey issue, Spider-Man attempts to find the ISO-36 serum that may provide a cure for Aunt May. But from whose hands must he acquire this unique formula? Peter must make some difficult choices to save the ones he loves. At long last ASM #33 has come to comiXology!

Above gif created by the totally awesome Kerry Callen.