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If mattfractionblog & zdarsky keep screwing with my emotions like they have been I’m going to need my own Food Court Therapist

A comiXologist Recommends:
Mike Isenberg recommends Sex Criminals
by mattfractionblog and zdarsky

My recommendation for this week is Sex Criminals, by Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky.  And if I said that I wasn’t the least bit worried that recommending this book might make me look like some sort of a pervert or weirdo, I’d be lying.  So it’s a testament to just how good the book is that I’m writing this recommendation anyways.  And it definitely speaks to one of the major themes of the series, and exactly what makes Sex Criminals such a refreshing and interesting read.

Let’s get the basic premise out of the way, first.  The book is about a woman named Suzie with the strange ability to freeze time around herself whenever she orgasms.  When she meets a man, Jon, who has the same ability, they decide to use their power to go on a bank-robbing spree in order to save a library from foreclosure.

What makes Sex Criminals such a great read is the way it handles its subject matter (namely: sex and sexuality).  It’s easy to see how the same premise, in the hands of lesser creators, could have been used to tell a titillating and exploitative story.  Instead, Fraction and Zdarksy have used it to tell a deeply personal and human story of sexual awakening and discovery, in an incredibly funny, irreverent, and entertaining way.

Before they meet, Suzie and Jon both assume that they are alone in their orgasmic time-freezing ability.  We see them as adolescents and young adults, trying to learn about their sexuality, and finding a world that doesn’t want to talk about it.  While the rest of us may not have sexual super-powers, the story is nevertheless extremely relatable.  The taboo around sexual discussion keeps people uninformed, confused, and ashamed about an intrinsic part of their own humanity.  Sex Criminals tears away this taboo like a band-aid that has outstayed its welcome.  And the way it does it is both endearing and laugh-out-loud funny.

Sexuality is universal, and yet so rarely is it openly discussed.  It’s treated as a secret, something to talk about in whispers and keep in darkness.  Sex Criminals shines a light on that darkness in a new and unique way.  And standing in that light, I’m happy to recommend this book without hesitation.  Go check it out!

[Read Sex Criminals #6 Here!]

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Mike Isenberg is an Associate Production Coordinator at comiXology, and the co-writer of FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE.  He lives in Harlem with his cats, TESLA AND EDISON

You know when you wake up, and the week feels like it couldn’t possibly get any longer, but then you realize it’s #NewComicDay and everything is going to be alright? Today is one of those days. Here are my picks for the week:

Saga vol. 3 - So much insanity happened in this last arc that I really can’t wait to go back and re-read all of it. If you’re one of the few that hasn’t jumped on the Saga bandwagon, now is a good chance to get all the way caught up before the new issue comes out in May. PS luv u oswald d heist.  
Thor: God of Thunder #20 -  Did you see how #19 ended?!?! Who’s ready to see Old Thor vs. Galactus. This guys is. That’s who!
Sex Criminals #5 -I’ll be the first to admit SexCrims4 fell a bit flat for me, but I just finished reading #5 and I guess the refractory period is over #ifyaknowwhatimsayin
Zero #6 - Ugh, just read Zero already, will ya? I can’t explain it, just take my word for it. And pay close attention TO EVERYTHING. 
Ms. Marvel #2 - gwillow has the next comic book juggernaut on her hands, i tell u what. Issue #1 was so much fun, I can’t wait to read #2. 
Letter 44 #5 - I heard so much buzz when this book first came out, but haven’t heard much since, but let me tell you something… THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE! It’s only 5 issues in so you can go and get caught up during your lunch break or something. Go!

Check these out and all the other new releases available today on comiXology!


If you haven’t purchased Sex Criminals #4 it was just recently reduced on Comixology. Get to it, Brimpers.

Guest Star KARA’s Picks of the Week for 10/23/13!

  • Sex Criminals #2The first issue was totally racy in the best possible way: a maturely handled, well written, immensely relatable story of female sexual awakening. Also, our heroine and her cohort rob banks because when they [redacted], time stops around them. Seriously, how are you not reading this?
  • Rat Queens #2They drink, they cuss, they fight—they’re the Rat Queens, and they’re AWESOME. They’re not “strong female characters,” they’re here to party, and tough cookies if you get in their way.
  • Pretty Deadly #1Come for Kelly Sue but stay for Emma. Her art is almost unfairly amazing. I’m so mesmerized I might not even read the words (at least at first). You’ve read the hype, now read the book.
  • Green Team: Teen Trillionaires #5Yeah, if you had that much money, you’d buy a super suit, too. This glorious trainwreck is DC Comics’ answer to Rich Kids Of Instagram and their ilk. It’s ridiculous and over the top, and that’s why I love it.

Kara supervises the international production team at comiXology and has a small army of Transformers on her desk.

Shane’s Picks of the Week (9/25/13)

  • PICK OF THE WEEK: Saga #14 - Because duh.
  • East of West #6 - I only just started reading this when the trade came out the other week, and I really really dug it. It’s got western stuff, its got sci-fi stuff, its got apocalyptical stuff. So it’s got pretty much everything good. 
  • Rat Queens #1 - If you know me you’ve probably heard me talk about this book a bunch. I’ve been really excited for this for a while and not just because I enjoy girls who enjoy magic and adventure and drinking… but mostly because of that. 
  • Sex Criminals #1 - I actually already read this and I fell completely in love with it. If I made a wishlist of two things I would want in every comic ever it would be Vladimir Nabokov references and crudely drawn doodles of people having sex in various positions. It’s like Fraction read my dream journal or something…
  • Deadpool vol. 4 #17 - This new arc, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, is so freaking good. Seriously, go back two issues to #15 and pick it up because it’s incredible. Shalvey’s art is just spot on. Best Deadpool I’ve read in a long time. 

Shane is the marketing assistant  at comiXology and can’t wait to try out the Fleshy Lightswtich.

Fraction achieves a level of eloquence that we can’t even begin to fathom…

(The quote is from here in case you were interested.)