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Jonah Chuang recommends Avengers & X-Men: Axis #1

I realize it’s still early in the game, but I feel comfortable saying that AXIS #1 marks the return of the era of great crossovers. It’s well written with great art and lots of iconic images. Its cast of characters includes the greatest Avengers and mutants in the Marvel Universe today, and the villain is the most extreme embodiment of evil in recent memory: A near omnipotent psychic Nazi (zombie?) Red Skull with the abilities of Charles Xavier.

So, quick recap in case you haven’t been following the various Road to AXIS books. The Red Skull stole the deceased Charles Xavier’s brain and transplanted it into himself, which gave him Professor X’s psychic powers. Since then he’s been getting back to his Nazi roots by waging war against mutants and the Uncanny Avengers in the name of racial purity. The Uncanny Avengers defeated him, then ran off to deal with Kang and the Apocalypse twins in a future timeline. Meanwhile, Magneto has taken it upon himself to deal with anti-mutant threats, which forces him into a confrontation with the Skull at a mutant concentration camp. After a hard-fought battle, Magneto kills the Skull, unleashing his psychic hate on the world in the form of Red Onslaught.

One of the most compelling aspects of this book is the emotional involvement of the characters. Red Onslaught’s most powerful weapon is arguably his ability to infect his enemies with hate. That means our heroes not only have to fight the Skull but their own internal qualms with each other, and after the fallout from their latest adventure, there is much to fight about.  Neither the various Avengers nor the various X-Men teams are in a great place, and there couldn’t be a worse time to deal with a giant hate monster, which is what makes the timing of this story perfect.

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