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Kate Kasenow recommends Shutter #2

In just two issues of Shutter, Joe Keatinge (joekeatinge) and Leila del Duca (assortedfoliage)  have captured the imagination that epitomizes fantasy, sci-fi, and futuristic comics. Alongside other fresh Image titles like Pretty Deadly and Rocket Girl, the pages of Shutter #2 give readers a thrilling female-driven tale.

Keatinge’s writing is fast-paced and quirky—a perfect fit for the colorful world he’s created to support his cast. When the story began, our star Kate Kristopher was already a seasoned professional when it came to danger; in fact, she seemed pretty bored of it all. In the second issue, escaping a kidnapping attempt and the mysterious mention of possible siblings intrigues her, making it look like Kate might be back in action. With every issue, the breadth of this comic expands and delights. Not only do we have a fascinating female protagonist, but we have an ever expanding cast of interesting friends, enemies, and yet to be revealed characters that may just be a little of both. Keep an eye on Kate’s sentient clock-cat—he’s my personal fave!

A perfect compliment to this incredible world is del Duca’s fantastic illustrations paired with Owen Gieni’s vibrant colors. What has been set up in this story is any artist’s dream—a vast canvas filled with anything and everything from Irish gangster lions to ghost ninjas—and both del Duca and Gieni illustrate it all with grace and strength reverberating through every panel.

Keatinge and del Duca have not only introduced a new version of reality, they’ve also hooked this reader into a massive and mysterious adventure. Jump into the story now to follow this amazing series!

 [Pick up Shutter #2 here!]

For fans of: action, female leads, fantasy, sci-fi, mythology, mystery

Kate Kasenow is a comics artist from Indiana currently living in Manhattan. She works at ComiXology as a Lead Digital Editor and spends most of her spare time re-reading J. R. R. Tolkien.

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