Women in Marvel Spotlight on: Crystal

Creators: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

Crystal is actually a very old character in the Marvel U- she heralds from Fantastic Four #45 in 1965, though she comparatively does not appear as often in modern comics as she did in times past. Crystal is an Inhuman - a race of genetically modified humans (by the Kree) who when they are exposed to the mutagenic Terrigen Mists, gain super powers. Crystal is considered part of the royal family of Attilan (she is Medusa’s sister) so she was exposed to Terrigenesis as an infant, granting her the ability to manipulate the four natural elements at will - Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Crystal met the Fantastic Four as an adult searching for her amnesiac sister, who had sought refuge with them. Crystal then became romantically involved with Johnny Storm. When Sue Storm became pregnant with Franklin Richards Crystal served as her replacement on the Fantastic Four. She later bumped into the wounded mutant Quicksilver, and after nursing him back to health, fell in love with him. They married and had a daughter, Luna, though they divorced afterwards due to Quicksilver’s brash temper. She later joined the Avengers where she fell in love with the Black Knight, though he was seemingly predestined to be with Sersi. Afterwards she went back to live with the royal Inhuman family. When the Inhumans forged an alliance with the Kree, Crystal married Ronan the Accuser to solidify the alliance. Their marriage was later annulled and Crystal now lives with her family and Luna. Crystal does not appear as main cast in any ongoings - her last few appearances were guest appearances only in Inhumanity and FF - though I would wager that she will be most likely to appear in Inhuman in the future. Overall Crystal is smart, brave, strong, and regal - every inch an Inhuman princess. If you want to read more Crystal, in the modern era I would try War of Kings in which she married Ronan, or if you don’t mind reading older comics, try either volume of Inhumans

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