ComiXology Protip: Add our webstore to your iPad and iPhone desktop!

If you navigate to in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you can save a shortcut to your desktop for greater ease-of-use. Just hit the button that looks like a square with an arrow pointing up, then choose “Add To Home Screen.” Save this new shortcut next to your new comiXology app. We’ve made the store logo orange so you can tell the two apart easier. 

Shopping via the webstore gives you the added benefit of being able to add multiple items to the cart before checkout as well as including content previously unavailable in the iPhone and iPad app. 

After you make a new purchase your comics can be found under the “Recently Purchased” section in the new comiXology app. 

One last thing, we’ve recently optimized the webstore for mobile shopping. So check it out! It’s pretty slick.

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    "Also, sorry that our new owners don’t want Apple to get a cut of the profits, therefore making your experience worse....
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    I feel like Comixology didn’t do a good enough job of making this quasi-fix known.
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    Keep in mind: going to means you’re not only getting your digital comics...
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    If you use iOS and want an easier way to purchase your comics through the new system of Comixology then this could be...
  8. immano said: And do that with if you reside in the EU and are tired of being told that you won’t be able to make purchases on the .com site anymore.
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    Hey this is useful in light of all the changes that Comixology made today.
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    Screw Amazon and ComiXology. Use the Marvel, DC, and Image apps.
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    Honestly, this effectively is no change for me, as I never purchased in-app. I actually think people will enjoy the web...
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    Handy if you’re trying to add such as Sex Criminals to your library.
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    Hey, cool. It’s now more convenient for me to go down to my local comic shop. So, on their behalf, thank you. I won’t be...
  17. slayergirl81 said: Wow, what a great tip! What abou keeping in-app purchases. Even easier for the user!
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    Pro tip for iOS/Android users on updating your Comixology app
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