Important changes to Android and iOS Apps


We’ve made changes to our Google Play Android Comics App so please, update to version 3.6. In this new version we have a new comiXology in-app purchase system and a great new cart feature, one of our most requested features.

In the new app, you may be prompted to update your payment information to continue purchasing books. This is a one-time action after which you can purchase inside the app.

iPhone & iPad:

We have introduced a new comiXology iPhone and iPad Comics App and are retiring the old one. iPhone and iPad users will now buy comics on and download to the app. All your purchased books will be readable in the new app once you’ve downloaded it and taken the following steps:

  • If you don’t have a comiXology account, go to to create one, or create one in the original Comics app!
  • In the original Comics app, log into your comiXology account.
  • Sync your in-app purchases to your comiXology account by tapping the Restore button on the Purchases tab.
  • Download the new comiXology app. This will be your new home downloading and reading comics.
  • Start shopping on New web purchases will appear in the “In Cloud” tab in our new app.
  • If you have comics downloaded in the old app, no problem! You can continue to read them there without re-downloading to the new app.

Last, but not least, to thank our loyal customers and ease this transition, we are offering a $5 eGift Card credit to all those who have purchased through the comiXology platform in the past. This credit will be automatically applied throughout the day to those accounts who are eligible and all of those eligible have 30 days to purchase books with that credit. Enjoy!

Thanks, everyone!
comiXology Team

PS: Additional information can be found at our 3.6 Android and iOS FAQs.

PPS: UPDATE! Customers outside the U.S., go here to learn how to redeem your $5 Gift Card credit.

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    Well this isn’t good. Now that Amazon has acquired Comixology they’ve decided to cut Apple out of the purchase process....
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    Amazon/ComiXology is removing in-app purchases to avoid the 30% fee to Apple and (supposedly) splitting that between...
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    Wonderful AMELIA COLE digital readers, please take heed of this comixology news!
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  15. darthjohn13 said: Seems like a big Fuck You to iOS users!
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    My favorite part about this little press release (besides the part where they try to buy your loyalty with a measly $5...
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    I understand why this change is being made but the experience sucks now. To read the next comic In a series I have to...
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    tl;dr: we’ve made Comixology an unusable mess, you’re welcome!
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    Most of my feelings on this are that I pretty much saw it coming with Amazon buying Comixology. I’d actually switched...
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