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Leah Wishnia recommends The Walking Dead #126

Part twelve of the All out War story arc, the finish line after a series of war games filled with surprising strategies, deceitful trickery, and of course, death, asks us to do something seemingly more difficult than taking down an army of grenade-bearing men or escape from a herd of the undead…. it asks us to trust. To trust in Rick, to trust in the remaining Saviors, even those who could do great harm, and to trust in humankind and its potential to rebuild itself from the ground up. Could we, the human race, conquer our greed, our hate, our fear, if we were given a clean slate? Or is self-destruction our only fate?

It’s probing questions like these that elevate The Walking Dead from being a simple genre-comic about zombies to a philosophical exploration of What Could Be and If So, Could You?

We don’t know how the future will pan out for Rick and his crew, but after ten years of following their various journeys, some futile, some less so, we can’t help but eagerly continue down the road with them, and see where the next ten years will take us all.

The Walking Dead #126, which comes out today, is a rewarding journey for veteran and new fans alike.

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For fans of: post-apocalyptic, zombies

Leah Wishnia is an artist and cartoonist who acts as a micro-press publisher when not fulfilling her roll as Digital Assets Lead at ComiXology.

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